What the state pension changes mean for older women

What the state pension changes mean for older women

As the government unveils its latest Pensions Bill, including plans to increase state pension age in line with rising life expectancy in future years, hundreds of thousands of women, aged between 58 and 60 are completely confused about what is happening to their state pensions.  
I have been inundated with emails from worried older women who want to know when they will reach state pension age, how much pension they will be paid and why the government is not giving them adequate information to help them prepare themselves.

They have received confusing information from the Department for Work and Pensions and just want to know how old they will be when they start to receive their state pension. Unfortunately, the way the changes have been designed, it is virtually impossible to give them a straight answer.

The women also want to know how much they might receive but this is also still unclear. This impacts women far more than men, because the state pension rules are changing much more for older women than for men of the same age.  
Government fails to understand impact on people's lives: The chancellor indicated yesterday that he was delighted with these changes because they saved so much money. This does suggest that the government is insensitive to the damage done to many older women's lives by its policies.
Older women singled out for harsh treatment: Until recently, many of these women were expecting to receive their state pension at age 60, since they were unaware of the changes made in 1995. The coalition agreement did promise that no changes would be made to women's state pension age before 2020. Indeed, for public sector pensions, the government insisted that it would not be fair to change the pension age for anyone within ten year's of their expected pension date. However, the coalition has decided that different rules will apply for this particular group of women. These women are now having to cope with the news that their state pension will start much later, but are also confused about when they will actually receive it. Even those who were aware of the previous changes and planned their finances around their expected pension date, have had the second increase in pension age imposed on them by the coalition and, if they are already retired either due to ill health or to care for others, they face significant financial strain. The government has not acknowledged their plight.
These women feel they do not matter:  The coalition seems so far oblivious to the actual problems faced by these women, who feel as if they simply do not matter to policymakers.
State pension reforms are needed, but should be handled fairly: Of course it is true that the state pension age needs to rise, and it is also true that the state pension needs radical reform, but the manner in which the changes are being carried out seems to have conspired to cause concern and confusion.  
Confusion as women age 58-60 reach pension age at 62, 63, 64, 65 or 66: Just look at the following tables and you will see some of the problems.  It is not possible to give women a clear message about what is happening to them. The mechanics of the pension age changes are so unwieldy that whether they tell you their age now, or the year they were born, women now aged 58, 59 or 60 will qualify for their state pension at age 62, 63, 64, 65 or 66 - and their exact date of birth will determine which age relates to each woman.
Men have had far less change: The major problems only affect women. Men have had much less change - and more notice so they have more time to prepare themselves. Any man aged over 58 has seen no change in his age 65 state pension age, while women of the same age face sharp and confusing rises. The following table is a very high level summary of state pension ages:

Age now       Women's state pension age        Men's state pension age
   60                           62 or 63                                             65
    59                           63, 64 or 65                                      65
    58                           65 or 66                                             65 or 66
Government should have tried to minimise confusion: It might have been hoped that, when making the changes to state pension , thegGovernment would have tried to minimise the confusion and help give those affected the fairest chance to get to grips with the new rules. Sadly, this has simply not happened. Policy changes seem to be decided without sufficient careful thought for the actual people whose lives are being affected and who have to engage with this system.
Biggest problem for those born 1953 or 1954:  Anyone born in 1953 or 1954 will now be aged 58, 59 or 60 and needs to check their state pension age very carefully.  The best way to do this is to go onto the Government website and use the DWPs state pension age calculator. Enter your date of birth, and it will then give you your actual state pension date.  
Many older women not online, need proper information: Of course, many older women are not able to use the internet, so they really need to have reliable information.  
I have tried to explain what is happening to their state pension ages for women in the next few years, and wanted to draw up a reasonably simple table. Unfortunately, because of the complexity of the way the new state pension ages have been designed, this is really difficult. The following tables are a guide for those now aged 58, 59 or 60, who were born in 1953 or 1954. They are an attempt to give women the information they are asking for, to help them understand the planned changes:

Women aged 60
Women born on or before 5 April 1953 will be 62 when they become entitled to their state pension
Women born after 6 April 1953 will be 63 when they become entitled to their state pension
Women aged 59
Women born before 5 August 1953 will be 63 when they become entitled to their state pension
Women born on 6th July 1953, or between 6th August and 5 December 1953, will be 64 when they become entitled to their state pension
Women born on 6 November or after 6 December 1953 will be 65 when they become entitled to their state pension
Women aged 58
Women born between 6 May and 6 Sep 1953 will be 65 when they become entitled to their state pension
Women born on 6 Sep or after 5 Oct 1954 will be 66 when they become entitled to their state pension

Women born in 1953

                 Birthday             State Pension Age

1 Jan - 5 Mar                                   62
6 Mar                                                63
7 Mar - 5 April                                 62
6 April - 5 July                                 63
6 July                                                 64
7 July - 5 Aug                                    63
6 Aug - 5 Nov                                    64
6 Nov                                                  65
7 Nov - 5 Dec                                     64
6 Dec - 31 Dec                                   65
Women born in 1954

                  Birthday                                   State Pension Age

1 Jan - 5 Sep                                      65
6 Sep                                                  66
7 Sep - 5 Oct                                      65
6 Oct - 31 Dec                                   66

Need an urgent information campaign to make sure women know: How can the government seriously expect women to cope with these kinds of changes to their state pension being imposed at such a pace and in such a confusing manner? A proper campaign to explain what is happening is required.  
Tell people about the future state pension age changes too: And it is also important for people to be told now about the changes to state pension age that are already planned for the future. Many are still unaware of what is happening. The new rules are less confusing than the more imminent changes, but it is important that people know what their state pension age is likely to be.  

What's happening to state pension ages?

Anyone who is now aged between 53 and 57 will have a state pension age of 66.  
Anyone who is age 52 now, will reach state pension age at either 66 or 67.
Anyone younger than age 51 (but at least 31) will reach state pension age at 67. However, the government has released details in its Pensions Bill of future changes to state pension age being linked to rising life expectancy. In future, a commission will be established to advise on how fast pension age should rise in future, after 2026.  Therefore, it will be important for people to keep track of what is happening to pension ages when making long-term plans for later life finances.

Ros Altmann is a pensions expert

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iam 46 years now. can i get

iam 46 years now. can i get my mom's pension?
she is died on 1993.

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I agree with all the

I agree with all the comments,I was born in 1957 and have paid full contributions from the age of 15. I work in a infant school, I suffer with fibromyalgia which some days I ache from head to toe . I reach what should have been my retirement age in January and I am already struggling at work . You when working with children you need to be on their level and it is getting increasingly difficult . I feel I will not be able to work in this setting much longer and probably will have to leave my job through ill health ! I would not need to do this if the retirement age had been left alone . Why couldn't they have left it alone I am sure more young people would like the jobs and there would be more jobs available for them too . I feel we have been treated unfairly and let down .

I wrote to Ms Altman's to

I wrote to Ms Altman's to feedback on her report on Older Workers back in 2015. There were some aspects of advice to help older people find work which weren't workable and no real inclusion or thought given to single people scenarios. I offered to discuss these with her to support her campaign.

Born 1958, will not now reach SPA until 67. Unaware of this as with everyone else here. Single, raised children, worked more or less full time from age 16, cared for both parents when ill which used up my savings at the time to do this.

I part cared for and paid for additional care for latterly disabled daughter, contributed to childcare costs for granddaughter and grandson whilst working full time.

I claimed social security once after a bi-lateral shoulder surgery put me out of action for 6 months. I'm lucky that I'm currently fit enough to work. That could easily change. I could get hit by another bus!

When I find work - I have to work as an interim, it usually takes on average, 6 months to find a job. There is hidden ageism in the workplace with most suppliers apart from those who want to put a tick in the box for a few older workers. Few and far between. You can forget use of agencies and recruitment consultants. You don't even get to a selection long list unless you disguise the years you worked for companies on your CV.

To add insult to injury, councils have tied their older persons bus pass age to the revised SPA. The government were short sighted on this as they will lose out on potential carers for disabled and elderly, free childcare allowing parents to contribute to the economy and and charities lose vital volunteers.

Born November 1953, I have

Born November 1953, I have seen in short order my retirement age jump from 60, to 62 and a half to 65. As stated, no personal notification of these changes. Know this sounds sexist, but it is generally women who raise the children, whilst contributing to the family finances, then move on to taking care of our elderly parents, now we are also expected to work until we are 65 plus. The government needs to give us a break. The government also crow about how they take care of pensioners, but not us working ladies of a certain age. I will have lost, an estimation, £39000 worth of pension payments. I am a touch cross.

I was born December 1954 and

I was born December 1954 and by the looks of the tables in this article have been hit the hardest. I wont get my state pension till Im 66.
I have 4 children and always worked part time to supplement the family income. I have divorced twice (through no fault of my own) and a single parent for a good number of years. I always made sure my children were cared for and through hard work they have turned out to be well rounded well educated successful adults. Both my previous partners did not pay into a private pension. I have been on my own for about 2 years after my last son left home at the age of 24 In those two years I have struggled financially. I have not been able to find work to support myself and my savings have taken a battering. I am now left with £2100 and no income whatsoever. I calculate if Im carefull this will last me 3 to 4 months. I have my house which is paid off thanks to my deceased parents but its the only asset I have so it looks like Im going to have to sell it. I have put it on the market but feel desperate...Im going to loose my house. The only thing I have left and have worked all my life for. What if it doesn't sell then what...Ill have no money. Im applying for jobs all the time but at 61 who's going to employ me when there are so many young people needing to work. Its a disgrace....

I'm 61, too knackered

I'm 61, too knackered physically and mentally to work going out to graft any longer. Stephen Crabb won't listen to Waspi and won't be allowing any concessions to the women who are affected.

This bloody Prevert won't need his state pension as he's already got his snout in the trough of this corrupt government. Low paid physical jobs are not designed to be carried out by 61_year old crippled old woman.

Where is my state pension, bloody Tory thieves, cutting back savagely on elderly and special needs elderly housing benefit Also will hit those very vulnerable, poor demented elderly who can't speak up for themselves. Austerity will continue post brexit, don't let the Tories fool you. Just listen to the parliament programme, they have already passed this one through parliament

Some bloke sending sexting messages tells us over 60's sorry you have to work on for another 6 years, hopefully you will all drop dead at work then we won't need to pay you your pension at all. Surely its illegal what they have done, we can't survive, blood on your hands Tory thieves...

I was never informed of any

I was never informed of any change to my pension at all TILL I separated from my husband in march 2014 as I thought I was due my pension in the may I managed on my mobility till beg of may went to put a claim in for my pension to be told you cant claim it till 2018 so they put me on income based ESA which means when I finally get divorce sorted in next few weeks if I get any money off him it will go straight to them and I've no idea what will happen with the pension money he will probably have to put half in my name it seems to me this government hit the people who need help the most the sick the elderly, disabled, children even legal aid for divorce so far my bill has been £3,000 { and not done yet} i am having to go without just to pay the bill while my ex who is earning 40,000 a year thinks its funny to drag it out put obstacles in the way we women certainly seem to be hit harder than most just lately

I too feel very let down born

I too feel very let down born june 1953 I will be 63 and 9 months when my pension is due , I have had two changes to mine the last just before my 59 birthday, how can they do this to women? it is totally unfair treatment, they would not have done this to men. I left school at just 15 and went to work I cannot get anymore money because I have the required years in so why do I have to wait for my pension.

I was born in 1958 I am

I was born in 1958 I am disgusted the way the government has dealt us woman from our era a devastating blow like this. We leave EU citizens in to our country and they can claim benefits as soon as they step on our soil we have to pay for this. is this right No! we need to arrange to march and lobby parliament for state pension to be reversed for British citizens. what makes it even worse is that we bailed out Greece as they retire at 50. Lets all vote out of the EU and try and get our country back.

I agree with the last

I agree with the last comment. I was born in 1961 and am furious that I will have to work 7 years longer than my mum. I already have various health problems and get tired easily, so at 66/67, state pension age I don't expect I'll have many years ahead to enjoy being healthy and retired. It simply isn't fair to women, as the majority of them have two jobs; unpaid housewife,mother and carer, plus going out to paid work. If they have taken time out as I did when my daughter was at a young age, than they will not get the full amount of pension due. That is so wrong. Women have a raw deal for sure.

I think it's a disgrace

I think it's a disgrace telling people to work into there nearly 70years of age .do the government want us to drop dead so they can save money .all immigrants get help with money and jobs and housing .i have just changed jobs from factory work to care work and I know that immigrants will tell you that they come to Britain to work and claim working tax and child benefit tax here as there's no benefit abroad .they get private accommodation paid for them and claim for children who don't even live in this country . We are expected to work till were 66 it's a disgrace .the government should look after there own people .we work very hard to survive not for niceties but to eat every day and try to live and for our family's to inherit something from our hard working life . IF We LIVE long enough WHAT LIFE what did our fathers and grandfathers work and fight in the war for .i think the answer was to give us a better life

The government should be

The government should be taken to Brussels on human rights. They have taken our money and then changed our contract. I thought both parties had to agree for any changes to be made. I also say all women who haved missed out on pensions this year should withdraw all cash out the banks. The pension was promised if you payed the big stamp.I worked from the age of 15 and luckily I got part time work and survive on 90 pounds a week.

I was born Feb 1955, I was

I was born Feb 1955, I was looking forward to retirement and looking after my grandchildren. I was going to move. I now have to work till I am 66, my job is shifts with nights and tiring but try as I might I cannot get a part time job, or any job which must be my age as my qualifications are fine.Therefore I cannot move, I am stuck. If I had my pension I would be fine. I started work at 17 and have always worked.

I was born sept 1956. Was

I was born sept 1956. Was expecting my pension age 60 now have to wait until l am 66. All women born in 50.s should get pension at age 60 why should they have to keep working when young people cannot find jobs. l started work from school age 15 paid contributions l cannot work due to ill health

My birth date is 27/4/53.

My birth date is 27/4/53. Worked in Social Care for 30 years, paid NI for 40 years.During 2011 my husband developed rapid onset dementia following a stroke. No choice but to take early retirement at 59. Assured by the DWP my pension would be paid the following year,then the rules changed , and changed again. My husband is now in residential care, but I kept him at home for a further 14 months.Received a letter today from the DWP informing me my State Pension will be £127.67 per week, reduced as I chose to pay 6% of my salary for many years into the Essex Council Pension Scheme ? Final kick in the teeth is it will not be paid until July, as I was born after the 6/4/53

I was been at the end of

I was been at the end of October 1954, and am therefore, one of the worst affected by the pension changes. I only discovered how the first changes would affect me 10 years ago. I had no official notice. The 2nd change I discovered last year, again with no notification. As a self employed upholsterer, I am struggling with the job physically. It is taking me twice as long to complete each job as my strength has gone over the past few years. I am working sometimes well into the night to keep my income up. I cannot carry on like this for another 5 years. I had no intention of retiring completely. I thought once I had my pension I would be able to do just the work I was able and to fit in some kind of leisure time with my husband who is already retired. This is unlikely to happen. This drastic change is grossly unfair on my age group

this is disgusting to be

this is disgusting to be treated like this , I left school at 14yrs of age and started work at 15yrs, I have never taken a break from work, as I have not had any children, I planned for my retirement. I have been working for 44yrs and paid full stamp and to be told I now have to work till im 60yrs before I get my state pension, it is disgusting. and now to be told because I work for local government I will receive no more than £133.00 .speechless

I also agree with all the

I also agree with all the above, don't think we will ever get our pension,as the government keep moving the goal posts,as far as I am concerned, they are stealing our money, what is due to us, about time more women born 1953,1954 stood firmly together .

There are two examples of

There are two examples of women born on 5 July 1953 - nit only do they give conflicting information....they are wrong. I have just received my forecast from the pensions service.j

I was widowed in 2011 and

I was widowed in 2011 and unfortunately we lost most of our savings in the property crash of 2008 when my husband who was made redundant with no pay off after 25 years working for same firm tried to make some money buying land to build 2 small houses on. That project never got off the ground due to his illness and all of the money he paid to contractors we never got back as his illness tore our lives in two. I've been trying to sell the land, my only asset, for less than a quarter of what he paid since. That asset of 18,000 which gives me no income and seems to decrease in value every month prevents me getting any benefits help. I've only just tried to get benefits as I felt I was taking from the government.

I'm now 62 struggling to cope and get by. I rely on my children who live in a different country for work giving me what they can afford and I feel so ashamed of this. I have to survive on £300 per month so I worry each second each day.

It upsets me more each day I'm taking from my grandchildrens future by needing their mothers help financially. I live in a small country village and I've been looking for a job for 3 years now (who wants to employ an old woman with arthritis ) and apart from cash in hand helping elderly neighbours now and again I just can't get any work. I'm at rock bottom and scared for my future. Trying to hold out for my pension in December 2017 because I cared for my 3 children (like most of us did through the 79's 80's and 90's, then for my parents then my husband I've got a minimal pension.

I just feel so upset women of our era who took the role as child raising, caring etc are thrown on the scrap heap and are forced to wait longer for what tiny money to just about feed and pay bills.

I was born on 5th Aug 1954, I

I was born on 5th Aug 1954, I am unable to work due to 2 strokes and memory problems. I also have had to sell my house and live on the
The proceeds. I do not believe I will make it to 66 + either through ill health or lack of money. Worked all my life. And have little respect of a decent retirement of any quality

from a government that penalises the few without the possibly of giving any timing for planning for an extra 6+years.

Like many other women who

Like many other women who have posted on this page I was born in Sept 1953 so I now have to wait until I'm 64yrs 4 months until I can claim a state pension. I've also just found out that I don't qualify for the winter fuel allowance, despite being 62 yrs old because I was born after 5 Jan 1953, yet they say that you have to be 60????

I was born in october 1959

I was born in october 1959 and I too will have to work until 66. We are also of the generation that was promised retirment at 60 and didn't have the childcare or maternity protection. Why is it that the cohort of 1953 - 1955 only say they are are suffering. Women born 1955 right up to april 1960 are suffering too!! Why shouldn't all this decade (1950's have a retirement age of 60)...???

I too have worked from the

I too have worked from the age of 15yrs and my retirement age is 65yrs and 10 months. I have two older sisters who had further education until they were 17. In total both of my sisters have probably worked a maximum of 6yrs full time and 6yrs part time, between them. They both claimed their state pension at 60, they both drive and very, very rarely if ever catch a bus. Due to health issues I do not drive but I cannot obtain a bus pass until 6/5/20. I am absolutely disgusted at the way I and many other women have been treated. How about making our voices heard and protesting outside No10 Downing Street.

Completely agree. I was born

Completely agree. I was born Oct 53 and made redundant in 2015. Till then I still thought I could retire and was shocked to find I have 4 more yrs. But i can't find work ( too old!) or get a bus pass ( too young!) and now I've been told I may not even get a full state pension as I was contracted out of serps. I know there are thousands of women who've been caught like this and its not right! Our voices should be heard by the Govt!!

My friend missed her pension

My friend missed her pension age by two days so now has to work untill 2019 her sister 18 months younger is already retired,she has no income so applied for jobseekers after a week of doing everything she was told going up to jobcenter everyday ,she was told her claim had been stopped as did not attend even though saw same person everytime,had been signing on for 1 month,went on courses told everything to the letter and not received one penny before they stopped her claim,she is 62 in December this is disgraceful how people are treated and nowhere to turn as no one is interested.

Seems no-one really knows

Seems no-one really knows what is happening. The article says I will be 63 when I receive my pension. Not according to my pension forecast. I will be 63 and 9 months.

I was 60 in July 2015 and

I was 60 in July 2015 and pension age now 66, if I had been told at 40 I could have planned life differently, I was mum to new baby then, working in new stressful IT job butit had good pension provision after 18 months coping alone I left. Would have not done that if I had known pension age going up to 66. Now I am ill stuck on sick benefit so get hassle from job centre about trying to prepare for work! Worn out, ill and having to look after 20 son who is as it turns out autistic and depressed. So another 6 years to go, like this! Oh my sister in same boat she is now 59, unemployed, and worrying herself sick about next 7years. Ironic my first job at 16 in 1971:processing pension claims for government!

I like most women have had to

I like most women have had to work hard since
15 years old.
Other countries refused to put up the working age.
This is why Britain is a well of country shame on you? it disgraceful how older members of this country are treated?
why ho why are we not standing together and making our feelings know, we still have a voice, let be heard.............please.

Born November 1954 will now

Born November 1954 will now retire November 2020, 6 years added after working from 15 years of age. Disgraceful treatment by this government and I like many others were not informed. The new flat pension is another big con! Requested a pension statement a few weeks ago, 36 qualifying years of contributions so more than the required amount to receive the new flat rate pension of £151.25 (apparently exact amount still to be decided by the powers that be). The statement tells me I will get £129.48 per week! Please can all women and men who are affected join the WASPI campaign on Facebook and twitter, we are fighting the injustice of not being given adequate notice and transitional arrangements should have been made for those born in the 1950's. Twitter #waspi @waspi_campaign

My wife and I planned for our

My wife and I planned for our retirement back in the 1970's when Margaret Thatcher said we should do so.

I am almost 5 years older then her, so our plans at that time meant we would both retire within one month of each other in 2014.

Under the new rules, my wife will now retire in 2020,aged 66, when I will be 71 years of age.

This has devastated us and completely ruined our retirement and our lives.

I absolutely detest our government because they simply do not care about us. I will never vote for any of the main parties ever again in any election, they are a bunch of rats in my opinion.

Have you been to the Facebook

Have you been to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WASPI-Women-Against-State-Pension-Inequality-87...
Just type in WASPI and it should get you there. They are actively campaigning against the inequality of it all.

This is shocking I am now

This is shocking I am now 59years paid taxes all my life, hardly been a burden to the state. Bought up two children, gone without things in life. And now finally this is how I am treated by my goverment's shame on you. I have written to the pension secretary and signed a petition. I only hope that someone is brave enough to take the goverment to the court of human rights because this is a disgrace. I also feel sorry for my children who will probably never be able to retire. But still we can afford forgin aid, and benefits to all in sundry.

After reading and agreeing

After reading and agreeing totally with all your comments I am wondering if we all haven't got a legal right in court to argue these changes. I too will have to wait until I am 66yrs old and am currently going through a divorce. I will have no income as I am not working at present and see no chance of finding any work. My husband is soon to retire and has no private pension so I will not receive any maintenance from him.
What I struggle to understand is how this government can legally get away with these changes without giving us the 10yrs notice. The underhand way this has all been dealt with and total lack of information makes me wonder if this could be challenged in court?
We need to show our solidarity and make as much noise as possible. I am however unsure of how to progress with this. Should any of you have any idea's of how to go about this please reply. I don't feel singular letters to local MPs will make a great deal of difference. We need a united voice. So lets stick together, join the revolt and get the media interested. Don't sit back and accept your fate without a fight.

As far as I can see, the

As far as I can see, the WASPI Facebook page shows that they are crowdfunding the cost of a barrister so that a legal challenge can be launched. They also suggest meeting face-to-face with your MP rather than writing a letter. I agree that we need to make as much noise as possible, particularly as they thought it was too unfair to introduce this into the public sector without ten years notice!

I have just turned 61 and am

I have just turned 61 and am out of work been told by jsa have to find a job,My job seekers runs out at end of month then i get nothing because i have a partner,work for 45 years ,never claimed anything talk about caring Britain disgusting is what i call it
BORN 1954

I was born in june 1956, and

I was born in june 1956, and i live abroad.
My late husband N.I paid 40 years.
When i have write to get his state pension.

This government has not only

This government has not only dumped caring responsibilities onto 60 year old women but they also want us to work 6 years longer.

I feel like a slave to the young unemployed and immigrants who get benefits because it is cheaper for the Government than paying us our rightful pensions.

I won't vote again....what is the point, they are all criminals who can legally steal from us by moving the goal posts. I am so unhappy and depressed that I shall probably be ill then use up the money they saved using NHS facilities due to overwork, caring, stress, depression, remorse and anger toward our so called bloody government!!

The government have just

The government have just awarded themselves an 11% pay rise. While sending crippled old dears out to graft until they are 66 or drop dead, as they need their pension money to pay for their expenses and pay rises. The workhouses spring to mind, they should be brought to tasking for crimes against humanity. Thieving bloody politicians. Those affluent, rich bastards couldn't care less about raiding old ladies pockets, and taking away our future. Thieves the lot of them...

i was born in july 1955 and

i was born in july 1955 and have worked since i was 15. always beening told that ishould work for my own respect and not to be a drain on my country. i have raised my daughter with no help in low paid work some times taking on a second job to get by .now i am to carry until i am 66 great thats of course if i make it life is wonderful x x x x

was born July 1954,i too as

was born July 1954,i too as above can't retire till may 2020,i have worked since I was 15,i am in work but only part time.have applied for job after job,ageism is rife, it is a disgrace what they have done to us

The flat rate pension is the

The flat rate pension is the reason no elected MP wanted the job of Pensions Minister.

The raised retirement age for women means we do not retire until the next parliament, from at least 2019.

It is women older than those hit by the rise from 60 to 65 and 66 from 2013, who will be shocked by how little they get from the flat rate state pension for retirement on and after 6 April 2016 when the flat rate law comes into force.

Men also will be hit.

https: // you . 38degrees . org . uk / petitions / state-pension-at-60-now


Pension Credit (savings) has been and will continue to reduce year on year since 2010.

New pensioners lose it altogether under the flat rate law retirement next year.


A full SERPs pension is around £276.10 per week.

But the SERPs opt out hits both contracted out years and those not opted out since 1978, so an average is taken to calculate the basic state pension amount.

With no top up.

The current full basic state pension and pension credit is more than the flat rate.

But the flat rate is not a single tier. People will get different amounts to each other forever.

Lowest forecast seen so far is £8.39 per week after 45 years in work.

Housewife Pension is gone for new pensioners next year. Women can still have NIL or less than 10 years National Insurance record in their own right.

https:// plus . google . com / collection / cYODd

Do not cash in your pension pot or defer your state pension (lost to small print), as that might be the only pension you will get.

I was born on the 31st of

I was born on the 31st of March 1955
And now have to wait until I am 66 years of age before I can retire.
I have worked hard all my life raising my children and working.
Sadly my wages have always been low and therefore I have no private pension.
I have 2 part time jobs and I am trying to find more work but have not been successful.
I am so worried about my future I struggling now and feel ill with worry. The goverment seem to be unconcerned with the misery and worry that they have caused by this policy.

I will have worked 51 years

I will have worked 51 years by the time I pick up my state pension. I have worked long and hard to put aside a private pension. I pick this up at 60 years of age. My aged nuclear power station closes in 2017. I thought I was sorted private pension and state pension, I would manage!!! NO, I have to work a further 6 years, would someone tell me where? Who the hell wants me at 60? You do the right thing in this country and what happens, you get well and truly shafted by all Governments, I would fare better if I was an illegal immigrant, sailed in on a banana boat, been a scrounge.
Lost all faith. Never vote again. No point.
Middle aged insignificant woman!

Do you think the unions could

Do you think the unions could fight out cause?

Can it be classed has sex

Can it be classed has sex discrimination? After all, David Cameron (who will be 50 this year)will get his state pension when he reaches 67!!!! That can't be right?

I agree with all the posts on

I agree with all the posts on this site. We need to fight. This small group of women have been victimised. I have wrote to rip off Britain, BBC tv. A lady called Justine Bates has contacted me regarding this matter. Please feel free to do the same

I am 62 was made redundant at

I am 62 was made redundant at the age of 61 i have been on ESA with a shoulder injury they now have said I have to sign on JSA because I have a shoulder that works!!!!! I have just signed on JSA and am just feeling so depressed. I have 46 qualifying nat ins years so unfair!

There is a group called WASPI

There is a group called WASPI Women Against State Pension Inequalities. you can find it on face book. I have joined and also written to my MP because, like you, I am outraged at the discriminatory way we have been treated. In my opinion it is legalised theft and should be stopped. Our State Pensions should be ring-fenced, after all it was us & our employers who paid into it.

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