Gifts for a brighter future: 7 ways to build your youngster’s path to prosperity this Christmas

Money Observer December issue cover

It’s hard to believe we’ve almost reached the end of another year, but a look at the completed stack of published 2017 Money Observers tells us it’s true. To remind ourselves of just how much water has flowed under the bridge, we take a look back to the 2017 January Wealth Creation Guide and review some of the predictions made by our pundits. On the whole, this year their comments were prescient, though they underestimated the strength of European recovery.

On a more practical note, and with an eye to minimising post-festivity landfill, we also round up seven financial gifts to consider for younger members of the family. They may not be the most exciting packages under the tree, but they should stand the kids in great stead in years to come. And with the first UK interest rate rise in 10 years behind us and the possibility of more on the horizon, Kyle Caldwell considers how investors can adjust their portfolios to both protect and profit from a new regime of tightening monetary policy. Meanwhile, Andrew Pitts assesses the growing dichotomy between the continuing bull run and the UK’s bleak Brexit-shaped economic and political outlook.

Passive investment has gained enormous support in recent years, but as Tom Bailey explains, there is an argument put forward by some academics that the flow of funds into the market as a whole, including both strong and inefficient companies, is holding back economic growth. How serious is that claim?

On the retirement income front, almost three years after the pension freedoms cleared the way for retirees to take real control of their pension pot, we’ve invited a panel of industry experts to nominate their top choices among providers across a range of products, from enhanced annuities to income drawdown and hybrid products.

Finally, don’t miss the third issue of the View From The Top supplement, which this month has garnered top managers’ perspectives on the thorny issue of finding investment value in an increasingly overvalued world.

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