Women on target: Are female fund managers more consistently successful than men? Find out inside the June 2017 issue of Money Observer

Have you ever wondered why there are so few women fund managers? Is it because they’re not up to the job? Absolutely not, finds Jen Hill in the cover feature of June’s Money Observer; numerous studies have demonstrated that women in the industry are just as strong as men in terms of investment performance, and in fact that mixed-gender investment manager teams can be particularly successful. We highlight some of the best women in the business, or you can follow our all-female Damsel portfolio.

The snap general election looming on the horizon prompted an analysis of what the likely Tory victory could mean for sterling, the markets and the UK’s chances of a successful Brexit. And we also take a look at the decline of globalisation and how the rise of nationalism and protectionist policies is likely to affect investment opportunities.

Last year’s addition to the Isa stable, the Innovative Finance Isa, allows peer to peer loans to be held in a tax-free environment. So far there are relatively few IF Isa accounts to choose from, but already it’s less than straightforward to work out which one will suit you best. If you’re thinking of taking this Isa route, don’t miss our guide to IF Isa platforms.

 As far as pensions are concerned, Heather Connon updates readers on the final stage of her journey to set up and draw a pension income, while Marina Gerner looks at the risks of doing irreparable damage to your retirement fund by drawing an income from your pension when markets are falling.

Finally, our Dogs of the Footsie portfolio is one of our most successful strategies and we’re now updating it on a quarterly basis; over this first quarter since the new Dogs line-up was fixed in March, we’ve seen reassuringly strong outperformance from the portfolio as a whole. This is also the inaugural review of the new £100,000 Regular Income portfolio of investment trusts, part of our Purposeful Portfolios range. And for more on generating a sustainable income, don’t miss the View from the Top supplement.

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