Nifty Thrifty Portfolio

The concept behind the Money Observer Nifty Thrifty portfolio is based on the US Nifty Fifty – the 50 shares that investors flocked to in the late 1960s and early 1970s, before the market crashed in 1974. Unlike the Nifty Fifty, however, our Nifty Thrifty portfolio is built using far sounder investment principles.

Over the course of 12 months Money Observer columnist Richard Beddard picks 30 companies from the largest 350 UK-listed companies by market capitalisation, using an algorithm that assesses three key criteria: value, as measured by the earnings yield; profitability, measured by return on capital; and financial strength, measured by Piotroski’s F_Score. 

The sole qualitative measures employed are to check that the portfolio is not over-exposed to a single market sector, and to exclude banks, insurers and investment companies.

The objective is to outperform a FTSE All-Share exchange traded fund over any five-year period. The portfolio is reviewed every three months in Money Observer. Shares held for a year are reassessed to ensure they continue to meet the criteria. 

In the 24th quarterly update, in June 2016, six shares were ejected. They are Berkeley (6 per cent gain), Euromoney Institutional Investor (21 per cent) loss, GlaxoSmithKline (3 per cent gain), QinetiQ (3 per cent gain), RPS (16 per cent loss), and Workspace (11 per cent loss).

The six replacements are: Bellway, DFS Furniture, Ibstock, Next, Rolls-Royce and Savills. See the quarterly update for details.

The portfolio values below account for stamp duty and the £10 dealing charge levied by our sister website Interactive Investor. The current valuations do not account for dividends, which are recognised when a holding is ejected from the portfolio.

You can view the most recent Nifty Thrifty update here.

Clicking on each share’s link will take you to the Interactive Investor website where you can find more details about each company. The starting date for the portfolio is 1 June 2010.

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