Ask Money: smitten by the Sleuth

Our Share Sleuth Richard Beddard answers a question relating to his portfolio's results.

April 8, 2019

I invest in funds and investment trusts and avoid shares. This reflects my lack of equity knowledge. But I look with envy at Share Sleuth’s results in Money Observer and wonder how to ‘buy the portfolio’ or parts of it. Is this something you would recommend?
Roland Waterhouse, by email

Richard Beddard replies: I wouldn’t recommend slavishly buying the shares I buy without forming your own views. The easiest way to see what I am thinking about the shares I follow is to read my articles on interactive investor as they are published ( or follow me on Twitter. Every five weeks, I rank all the shares I follow and publish the table in an article on interactive investor. Many of my other articles are write-ups of the companies I rank, and I also write about the companies I am thinking of buying and selling in the Share Watch column in Money Observer. Your question about ‘buying the portfolio’ is one I am asked frequently. We publish a general explanation why I think people should be cautious about doing such a thing here.

Share listing suggestion

I have a share portfolio I like to monitor daily. Can you suggest a free website that allows me to list my shares?
Garry Barnett, Perth

Money Observer replies: You can register with ii for free (at and set up a virtual portfolio.

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