Anthony Rayner

Is a perfect storm brewing in markets?

Markets have been a bit jumpy in October and, as ever, investors have looked for a suitable rationale, ranging from trade wars and slowing economic indicators, to higher interest rates.

In this case, the most likely cause was higher US interest rates, which was the reason behind the sell-off at the beginning of the year.

When is the next recession coming?

This is the second-longest US business cycle expansion, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research – and its data goes back to the 1850s. If there is no contraction before July 2019, it will be the longest expansion since records began.

The political blame game is here to stay

Much has been written about the Turkish president’s authoritarian style, paranoid outbursts, attacks on the media, questioning of the independence of the central bank, going for vote-winning growth, weakening political institutions and appointing family members to government positions, but he isn’t new to controversy. And he’s not the only one. Political risk is on the rise globally.