Darius McDermott

Six years of Abenomics: has reform paid off in Japan?

Six years ago, in December 2012, ShinzōAbe was formally elected prime minister of Japan and “Abenomics” – his extraordinary stimulus programme – was launched. 

After decades of stagnant growth and false dawns, life was finally breathed back into the economy. Growth remains robust and the stock market (as measured by the TOPIX) is up some 114.75%. 

Four choices investors face in 2019

2019 could be another difficult year for investors. The consensus is that a recession is highly unlikely next year, but the stock market does tend to act ahead of the economy, so it could be another volatile 12 months.

Investors may be best served by reviewing the make-up of their portfolios and perhaps rebalancing any biases, intentional or otherwise, that exist.