Edmund Greaves

Are family gangs behind pension scams?

The regulator has worked with other government agencies on Project Bloom, set up to tackle pension scams.

Project Bloom has identified a number of gangs with close family ties targeting pension savers. A number of criminal investigations into these family gangs are under way between TPR, government agencies and the police.

UK house prices fall 2.9% in January as Brexit saps confidence

Political uncertainty is weighing on prices as it puts people off making big decisions resulting in a subdued market. However, a resilient jobs market and wage growth are keeping the market from falling harder, says Halifax.  

The figures in Halifax bank’s latest house price index show 0.8% growth year-on-year for house prices.

Premier League footballers pay more than £1 billion in tax

The Premier League contributed a total of £3.3 billion in tax to the Treasury in 2016-17.

Premier League players themselves paid £1.1 billion of this, according to a report from accountancy firm EY. In total, the Premier League contributed £7.6 billion to the UK economy in 2016-17.

Pension cold-calling to be banned from January

From 9 January, it will be against the law for firms or individuals to call people about pensions out of the blue.

However, it is unlikely that pension cold calls will stop entirely as many fraudsters are based overseas.

Santander fined £32.8 million for failing to pass on inheritances to bereaved families

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fined the bank £32.8 million after it found the firm failed in its duty to the relatives of deceased customers.

According to the FCA, more than 40,000 customers were directly affected, and the bank failed to transfer £183 million in funds entitled to beneficiaries.

The FCA says that it found the bank failed to disclose information relating to problems with the probate and bereavement process to the regulator after it became aware.