Edmund Greaves

Ambitious for a home of your own? Property-owning parents are key

The think tank has published figures that demonstrate that parental property wealth is now a key indicator as to whether a young person will be able to get on the property ladder.

In the mid 1990s and early years of the millennium, twice as many 30-year-olds with property-owning parents had their own property compared with 30-year-olds whose parents did not own property.

UK workers get best pay rise in a decade

Wage growth excluding bonuses for the three months to September is now 3.2%, or 3% including bonuses.

This exceeds the acceleration seen in October of 3.1%, suggesting pay growth is on an upward trend.

Budget 2018: What does it mean for your wallet?

26-30 Railcard

A new 26-30 year-old railcard will be made available by the end of 2018. The chancellor says that it will save up to 4.4 million young people a third on their rail fares.

50p 'Brexit' coin

A special 50p coin to commemorate Britain leaving the EU will be issued next year. 

Air passenger duty

Short-haul air passenger duty is frozen for the eighth year in a row. Long-haul duty will rise in line with inflation.

Gender pension gap: men have pension pots five times bigger than women

The divide starts early in life, with 37% of women aged 18-24 feeling confident managing their money, in comparison to 48% of men, the report from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) reveals. 

Furthermore, at the start of their careers the research found that just 8% of women saw contributing to a pension as their highest priority.

Budget 2018: seven things to look out for

Philip Hammond, the chancellor, uses the annual event to reveal some of the ways in which he intends to spend the money that has been collected from us in taxes, and how he plans to collect more taxes next year. 

The decisions that he makes will have a real impact on our everyday lives; how much we pay at the petrol pumps, how much we have to retire on, whether we can afford to buy a home, how much we can afford to save. 

We will not know for sure what he plans to do until Hammond stands up at and addresses the House of Commons at 3.30pm that day. 

Triple lock kicks in for inflation-busting rise in 2019 state pension

New figures from the Office for National Statistics today revealed that inflation fell from 2.7% in August to 2.4% in September.

The level of the state pension rises every year by the highest of 2.5%, growth in earnings or Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation. This is thanks to the 'triple lock' guarantee, which has given retirees' incomes a strong boost since it was first introduced.