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Editor's Comment: Investors shouldn’t take the hit when a broker goes bust

We have run queries on the letters pages of previous issues of Money Observer from readers concerned about the safety of the investments they hold on broker platforms in the event of their broker going to the wall. We’ve reassured them that rules set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) mean their funds (and cash) must be held in a separate nominee account that cannot be raided by a broker or its creditors if the firm goes out of business.

Editor's Comment: Password pain will one day be a thing of the past

Passwords. We all know they have to be there to keep the data we put online safe – but everyone hates them, and as more and more aspects of our lives have become digitally governed, the problems they bring have got worse. Not only do we need them for growing numbers of accounts, but there’s increasing pressure to make them more secure by introducing kooky characters or making them longer or more random.