Hannah Smith

Funds and investment trusts that thrive in bull and bear markets

Heavy selling in February and March left many investors nursing losses, on paper at least, as coronavirus panic swept through global stock markets. But some funds managed to limit their losses or even generate a positive return during the turmoil. Funds that try to protect investors’ capital during falling markets are called wealth preservation vehicles. When you buy these funds, the trade-off is that they will usually lag a rising market, so they can be quite a drag on your portfolio’s performance during a bull market.

Seven ways to use stock market falls to benefit your finances

Global stock markets looked to have bounced back from a torrid February and March, but yesterday’s sharp drop in the FTSE 100 warned investors there could be more turbulence to come. But it’s not all bad. There are ways you can use falling markets to your advantage when it comes to financial planning.

FCA reminds firms on communication with vulnerable customers

The financial watchdog has warned firms it still expects them to deal with paperwork and post from customers in a timely manner despite the lockdown.

Reminding firms about their duty to vulnerable customers in particular, who may not use online services, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said it realises that firms may struggle to manage important functions in a timely way during the pandemic. This includes processing post from customers and handling cheques.