Helen Knapman

Fundsmith Equity’s Terry Smith on his investment approach

What is Fundsmith Equity? 

Fundsmith Equity is a long-only global equity fund [meaning it invests with a long-term view in global companies].  

What do you look for in companies you buy?

We only invest in good businesses. This may sound blindingly obvious, but you might be surprised how many investors either don’t do this or don’t have a good definition of a high-quality business. 

Pension cold-calling ban delayed till autumn

A ban on pension cold calling has been delayed until autumn, the government has confirmed.

The Treasury says a consultation is first needed to ensure future legislation is both 'effective and robust'.

This is expected to be published in July to coincide with Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen MP’s speech in parliament laying out the timeline for the Financial Claims and Guidance Bill, which the ban falls under.  

A HM Treasury spokesperson comments: 'We’re committed to introducing a ban on pensions cold calling as quickly as possible.