Kenneth Lamont

Ethical ETFs: there's never been a better time to put your money where your morals are

Investors have historically paid for the privilege of incorporating ethical or environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their portfolios, in the form of higher management fees. However, this is changing. The average ongoing charge for an ETF that applies ESG values and/or screens in Europe has fallen year-on-year since 2012 from 0.55% to 0.36%, making them more attractive.

Thematic ETFs: accurate predictors of the future or false prophets?

Artificial intelligence, orphan drugs and battery value-chains are just some of the attention-grabbing themes tracked by exchange traded funds launched this year. These join established themes such as robotics and water strategies. ETFs have become popular, but evaluating them and integrating them into an existing portfolio can be problematic.

How to gain ETF exposure to robotics

ETFs that attempt to profit from a specific theme or global mega-trend have been among the surprise winners over the past couple of years. Of these thematic exposures, robotics has really caught investors’ imaginations. The two UK-listed ETFs providing equity exposure to the robotics and automation theme have collected assets under management of £3 billion, an eyebrow-raising sum.

So what advice should investors follow to make sense of and benefit from this hugely promising investment theme?

Five ETFs to tap into tech

Technology stocks have been one of the key driving forces behind the global equity bull market over recent years. In fact globally, the technology sector has trounced all other sectors over the past three and five years. Even as tech stocks like Facebook, Apple and Alphabet (Google) tower over the US equity markets, the opportunities in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence and big data appear never to have been higher.