Kyle Caldwell

Pension firms to be forced to become more transparent on charges

Pension charges will become more transparent for millions of savers, following new rules introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  

The regulator has ordered pension firms to report, by next July at the latest, the charges levied (including transaction costs) by the default fund selected by the workplace pension fund, alongside a representative sample other funds and their charges.

Top 10 most popular investment funds – January 2020

As sure as night follows day, a hot fund sector will catch the eye of retail investors, which is why at the start of 2020 technology funds are all the rage.

Three tech funds have entered our top 10 most-bought funds table, which is based on the buying behaviour of interactive investor’s customers. The broker is the parent company of Money Observer.  

UK dividend payments forecast to post first decline in five years in 2020

For the third year running, UK dividend payments have hit new record heights in 2019, posting a year-on-year rise of 19.7% in headline terms, to £110.5 billion.

To put these figures into context, this is more than double the total value of dividends that were paid a decade ago (£54.6 billion) following the global financial crisis.

One in four savers have lost or forgotten one of their pension pots

Around one in four savers under the age of 55 have lost track of a pension pot from a previous employer, according to new research.

The study was carried out by advice firm Profile Pensions, which polled 2096 adults; it found that almost one in four (24%) savers may have lost track of a pension from a previous employer.  

How should the wind-up of LF Woodford Equity Income be treated for tax purposes?

I'm looking for guidance on how the winding up of LF Woodford Equity Income should be treated for tax purposes. I expect that this might be a subject that quite a few of your readers will also need to understand.

Let's suppose I paid 120p for some units, and I receive 60p for each of those units from the January payment, and the estimated total payments will eventually be 85p per unit. Would I, for this tax year:

Age-related white-lie telling: would you?

Tell the truth” is one of the first verbal rules parents attempt to instil in their children; but when it comes to securing an age-related discount, hypocrisy tends to set in. According to a survey by MoneySavingHeroes, an online voucher code business, 62% of UK parents have lied about their children’s ages, with 40% of those admitting to fibbing frequently in order to get their children into places for free or claim discounts for young children.

The most popular age-related white lies are told to bag travel, theme park, restaurant and cinema discounts – saving £47 on average.

Investors vote with their feet and dump absolute return funds

There are increasing signs that investors have grown disillusioned with absolute return funds failing to deliver: new figures show it was the worst-selling Investment Association sector in November 2019.

A total of £656 million was withdrawn by investors, which marks the continuation of a trend that saw the sector at the bottom of the popularity stakes for seven months out of 11 in 2019.