Lee Wild

Two winter portfolios post market-beating gains

Whether by coincidence or design, a strange stock market winter quirk exists. Over the last 24 years, data from the UK Stock Market Almanac suggests that winter investing has a stronger performance track record than any other time of the year.

Now we are at the half way point in the winter cycle and we're starting to see more daylight creep into those cold winter months. 

10 shares to give you a £10,000 annual income in 2019

Four years ago, we asked how much an individual would need to invest in order to generate an annual income of £10,000 from corporate dividend payments. Rising yields have allowed us to reduce the amount each year and still meet the income objective, but 2018 proved a stiffer test and requires some explaining.

Consistent Winter Portfolio shines during volatile times

What a stinker 2018 proved to be. After making a number of record highs during the first half of the year, stocks turned tail late summer and conspired to deliver the fourth quarter from hell. The new calendar year has started brightly for interactive investor's pair of winter portfolios, but that won't be reflected in December's ghastly figures.

Six UK shares investors should size up at the start of 2019

With this bull market nearly a decade old, sadly there was no escaping the gloom in 2018. During a period of rising US interest rates, higher inflation and withdrawal of monetary stimulus, events that impact on growth carry even greater risk – and there are plenty of those, from Brexit to trade wars.

Will FTSE reshuffle give Neil Woodford a boost?

Christmas is Royal Mail’s busiest time of year, but the large-scale replacement of handwritten letters with email, means that the company will almost certainly lose its place among the premier league of UK-listed stocks at the quarterly index reshuffle next month (the results of which will take effect on 19 December).