Marina Gerner

Backing bargain Britain: our four fund experts share their tips

Back in August, government bond yields around the world were falling, as investors worried about geopolitical uncertainty. In October, markets were rising once again, including the American S&P 500 index and Germany’s Dax index. Closer to home, uncertainty around Brexit has loomed large, but some of our fund managers have been turning to the UK in anticipation of a potential recovery in domestic stocks.

Why our fund experts remain cautious despite risk asset rally

It has been a case of so far so good for investors, as stockmarkets in both the developed and emerging world have enjoyed a strong start to the year. One of the main highlights has been the performance of the S&P 500 index, which notched up its best quarterly performance since 1998, driven once again by technology stocks, with the so-called Faangs returning to form.

Unsung funds: alternatives to the most-popular funds

Over the past two years, investors have piled into global funds and trusts, many of which were focused on US technology growth stocks. However, the bull market now appears to be over – with market volatility having continued since October’s correction – so now is a good time to consider how likely the highest-profile and most-bought funds and trusts are to continue doing well.

Sustainable investing: should you go active or passive?

A row of solar panels may still be the image that pops into most people’s minds when they think of sustainable investing. But the socially responsible investment sector is in fact much broader, and it is steadily becoming more mainstream. Two thirds of investors would like their money to support companies that are profitable but also make a positive contribution to society and the environment, according to Triodos Bank.

What are the best ways to find lost pension pots?

There are many things we half-expect to lose – umbrellas, sunglasses and socks may im­mediately come to mind – but we don’t typically anticipate losing pension pots from pre­vious jobs. However, insurer Aegon recently estimated that more than seven million people have misplaced one or more of their pension accounts. Similarly, wealth man­ager Tilney found that one in five people admit to having lost a pension, often because they failed to notify pension providers when they changed address.