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Dividend kings, sustainable returns, and one fund’s massive outperformance

The winners of the Money Observer Fund Awards 2020 have been announced. Associate editor Andrew Pitts, who has overseen the awards for more than 20 years, explains the selection process and how the awards can help give investors a steer to the funds with the most consistently strong returns.

Also in this podcast, editor Faith Glasgow and deputy editor Kyle Caldwell discuss the decline in dividend kings following the coronavirus pandemic, and the stocks to benefit from lockdown.

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Ask Money: investment trusts vs reits

The difference between investing in a fund and an investment trust are often well explained in the financial literature. But what is the difference between investing in a company and an investment trust that both invest in similar opportunities? Are there any additional risks associated with investing in non-investment trusts due to their company structure?

Funds and trusts for canny investors after the pandemic

David Prosser, former business editor of The Independent and a regular contributor to Money Observer, joins editor Faith Glasgow and staff writer Tom Bailey for a podcast debating how to play investment themes in the aftermath of Covid-19, equity income fund options, and strategies for income-seekers.

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Money Observer podcast: investing through the coronavirus

Does market turmoil mean that you would be better off outsourcing fund selection to the professionals? Money Observer editor Faith Glasgow considers multi-managers information advantage, while deputy editor Kyle Caldwell looks at how defensive funds performed during the sell-off. They are joined by staff writer Tom Bailey who examines the performance of geared investment trusts over the past few months.

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Ask Money: who’s in the money?

When my father died recently, I was due to inherit some of his estate. However, my brother and I, as joint executors, have agreed to enact deeds of variation so that investment holdings can be passed directly to our children.

Ask Money: would my small pension pot ideas work?

I recently came across the ‘small pot lump sums’ benefit whereby up to three separate small pots each worth up to £10,000 can be cashed in. Withdrawal doesn’t jeopardise ongoing pension contributions or lifetime allowance limits.

I have several friends who have NHS pensions but are seeking saving accounts for capital growth. Would it be possible for them to open up to three Sipps, pay in spare cash, benefit from the 20% tax rebate each year plus investment growth, and cash in the Sipp as the £10,000 limit is approached?

Money Observer podcast: Budget ‘surprises’ and what plans means for our readers’ finances

Money Observer editor Faith Glasgow and deputy editor Kyle Caldwell reflect on what the Budget means for Money Observer readers, discussing the pensions tax allowance taper and pensions tax relief.

In addition, they consider who emerges as winners and losers following Rishi Sunak’s announcements. They also question whether the increase in the Junior Isa allowance will benefit many parents and grandparents.