Robert Horrocks

Value emerges in Asia’s markets as panic sets in

I have been waiting for the first signs of real panic in Asia’s bear market.

First, there was the question of why India had been so defensive, with its current account deficit, high structural inflation, strained banking system, difficult government finances and high valuations. India's market has started to drop.

Catching Asia’s innovation wave

Asia is no longer a place where everything is produced but nothing is invented. The region is riding a wave of home-grown innovation with long-term investment implications.

Innovation promises both great change and great profit opportunities, yet it often comes with increased risk and uncertainty. Sometimes it requires a leap of faith.

Despite trade war fears, Asia’s markets are still an opportunity

The past two quarters have been volatile and difficult for Asia's markets. This has led to the usual calls to try and time the market—to jump the gun on monetary cycles and to second guess the headlines. I have always found this a dangerous game. At Matthews Asia, we have found patience to be a virtue at times like this. The headline clamour has been all about trade wars and politics. These, we are told, create an atmosphere of uncertainty within which it is difficult for markets to perform. ‘Expect more volatility,’ the pundits cry.