Steve Webb

Pension Clinic: The importance of a pension MOT

One of the great advantages of automatically enrolling people into a workplace pension is that they haven’t really had to think about pensions to get there: unless they actively opt out, they start building up a pension pot. But the dilemma is how you turn a passive saver in their 30s and 40s into an engaged and informed saver in the run-up to retirement, able to tailor their retirement plans to meet their particular circumstances and needs.

Here’s what happens to your pension if your employer goes to the wall

When big companies such as Carillion or BHS go to the wall, there is understandable concern about the jobs of the many people working for such firms. However, there are likely to be many more people – former employees as well as existing ones – worrying about whether their pension is at risk. Insolvencies raise some crucial questions for people generally, about how safe their company pensions are and what happens if their employer goes under, leaving the pension fund short of cash.