Tom Bailey

Oil price posts biggest ever spike

The price of oil saw its biggest intraday jump following attacks on several key Saudi Arabian oil processing facilities.

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia's pivotal Abqaiq processing facility and Khurais oil field were attacked. In response, oil prices initially spiked by 20% when markets opened. Since then, the price has receded slightly, but prices are still around 10% up from the market’s open.

Value investing: how to become a bargain-hunter investor

The basis of value investing involves buying a stock for less than it is (or should be) worth and holding it until the market catches up and re-rates: “buy low, sell high”, as the cliché goes. But in recent years markets have behaved slightly differently, and the more rewarding method of investing has been to go for so-called growth stocks. These are companies that are highly valued in anticipation of future growth. “Buy high and sell even higher,” has instead been the mantra.

Merian to move unlisted shares in funds to investment trust

In a sign of continuing concern about the liquidity mismatch of holding unlisted stocks in open-ended funds, asset management company Merian has announced that it will transfer several unlisted stocks from its open-ended funds to its investment trust.   

New guide categorises ethical funds and how they invest

Investors hoping to incorporate environmental or other ethical concerns when investing, face a litany of acronyms and terminology: sustainable investing, environmental, social and governance (ESG), Socially responsible investing and social impact investing, to name a few.

Sterling’s rocky week: where may the pound go next?

Sterling has had a wild ride this week. At the start of the week, fears that the UK would end up leaving the European Union on October 31 without a deal saw the pound fall to just $1.19. But by mid-week, those fears have faded somewhat, following Parliament agreeing to a new bill designed to avert a no deal Brexit. As a result, the pound has now rebounded to $1.23, the highest level since late July.

The investment trusts with long-term yields above 10%

Investors often jump at the chance of owning an investment trust yielding north of 4%. However, according to new data from AJ Bell, several funds are yielding over 10% when looked at on a 10-year basis.

By looking at the current yield of investment trusts compared to price per share 10 years ago, AJ Bell found that a total of four investment trusts had a yield of above 10%.