Tom Bailey

Tax trick: how you can claim back ‘overpaid’ inheritance tax following market falls 

Anyone who has recently inherited shares may be entitled to a refund on previously paid inheritance tax (IHT) due to the recent stock market falls, according to private client law firm Wilsons.

IHT is calculated on the value of assets on the date of the deceased passing, with the tax due to be paid six months from that date. Therefore, any shares inherited before the recent market crash will have incurred a tax bill reflecting what were historically high prices for shares.

Did active funds provide protection for UK investors in the market’s recent turmoil?

One of the promises of actively managed funds is to better navigate choppy times in markets. Passive funds simply replicate the performance of the market, and therefore provide performance roughly in line with that of the market. In contrast, managers of active funds, so the argument goes, are able to make decisions about what is in their portfolio, so in theory should outperform an index during times of market turmoil.

ETF portfolio: global markets feel coronavirus fear

These have not been a good three months for our global value ETF portfolio, which fell in value by 6.9% between 2 December and 2 March. The total return since purchase at the start of September 2019 is also down, by a disappointing 7.7%.