Tom Bailey

The world’s top 10 dividend-paying companies

Companies around the world handed out a collective $263.3 billion in the first three months of 2019, marking a new first quarter record, according to Janus Henderson’s Global Dividend Index.

Defying concerns over a slowing global economy, headline growth for global dividend payments stood at 7.8% compared to the same quarter last year.

Vodafone dividend cut: which UK shares might be next?

Over the past year the market has increasingly cooled on Vodafone. The company has a long list of problems, including the high cost of 5G investment, being squeezed by competition on the continent and high levels of debt. The company’s share price fell by roughly 30% between April 2018 and April 2019.

The investment trusts yielding more than 4%

A total of 31 investment trusts are currently yielding more than 4%, according to investment bank Stifel’s latest report.

The number is an increase from the 28 trusts on the list three months ago and 21 trusts on year ago. This increase in yields reflects both higher payouts from certain trusts as well as falling share prices.

Are Britain’s retirees withdrawing too much?

Britain’s retirees are withdrawing above the suggested 4% annual withdrawal rate from their pensions, according to figures released by HMRC.

The latest figures show that the average pension withdrawal in the UK is £7,254. With the average pension pot of those entering drawdown being between £80,000 and £123,00, that puts the average withdrawal rate at between 6% and 9% per year.

What could a Jeremy Corbyn government mean for your finances?

For the past three years Brexit has dominated investors’ minds in the UK. However, lurking in the background has been a growing possibility that a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn, alongside John McDonnell as chancellor of the exchequer, could eventually be elected.