Tom Bailey

The passive funds and ETFs that pay investors to invest  

Over the past few years, providers of index tracking funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been engaged in a price war, sending fees to record low levels.

However, the race to the bottom seems to have entered new territory, with some passive products sold to US investors now offering both a zero fee and negative fees.

Middle-class savers are now being caught by lifetime allowance stealth tax

One million workers are at risk of breaching the pensions lifetime allowance limit, triggering hefty taxes, research from the mutual insurer Royal London shows.

According to the research, just under 300,000 non-retired people already have pension pots worth more than the current £1.03 million lifetime allowance limit. An estimated £1.25 million more workers are expected to join them by the time they retire.

The most popular funds, shares and trusts with Sipp investors

Investors using Isas are much more likely to hold individual shares than those using a Sipp, according to data from interactive investor (Money Observer’s parent company).

Figures revealed by the online broker show that as at February 2018, 47% of assets in Isas were in equities, compared to just 23% for Sipp investors.