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Buy, Hold, Sell: 'We have a very strong value perspective'

Every day it seems a mainstream fund announces a degree of environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration into its investment strategy,’ says David Osfield, manager of the EdenTree Amity International fund.

Amity, however, has had an ESG approach since its launch in 1999. Osfield adds: ‘This gives us a depth of experience, longevity and understanding. It is where the credibility comes from.’

Newbie investors turn to robo-advice websites

Robo-advisers have seen triple digit over the past year as less confident investment newcomers opt for ready-made solutions.

The total assets under management (AUA) across robo-advice websites grew by 80 per cent over the past year, according to analysis from Boring Money. At the same time, customer numbers saw triple digit growth.

US market reaches new highs - how long will bull run last?

A tentative new trade deal between the US and Mexico has driven the US stock market to new highs.

The proposed deal will introduce new rules to disincentivise car manufacturers from relocating too much of their production chain from the US to Mexico, as well several other agreements on agriculture and renegotiation time periods.

Top 10 most popular investment trusts – July 2018

10  most popular trusts in July 2018

Global and tech choices continue to dominate investor trust choices

Despite recent wobbles, shares in tech shares have been some of the strongest performers this year, and this has been reflected in investors’ investment trust preferences.

Fidelity launches index funds with 0% fee

From stock-picking legend Peter Lynch’s days as the manager of Fidelity Magellan to the consistently outperforming Fidelity Asian Values today, Fidelity has a reputation for good active management.

However, as the investing world has changed, so too has Fidelity. Keeping pace with the growing trend toward low-cost passive investment and the rise of ETF giants such as Vanguard and BlackRock, Fidelity also offers an array of index trackers.