Theresa May resigns: what next for markets?

Following Theresa May’s widely expected announcement that she would resign, the immediate reaction of currency markets appeared confused.

Having suffered declines over the past few days, the unsurprising announcement initially saw sterling rally against the euro and dollar. Those gains, however, soon waned, with sterling starting to trend down again at the time of writing at midday on 24 May.  

The UK equity funds that offer protection against Brexit

The UK stock market has a heavy international bias, with many companies listed in the country having little or no exposure to the UK economy in terms of revenue are listed on the London Stock Exchange. Of all companies listed on the FTSE 100, for example, over 70% of revenue is derived from abroad.

Gold demand hits six-month high against uncertain Brexit backdrop

Gold bullion saw an uptick in demand from private investors in the month of March against the uncertain Brexit backdrop, according to data from BullionVault.

The firm said its Gold Investor index, which measures sentiment based on trading among its 75,000 international and UK users, last month rose by 2.3 points to 54.5, its highest level in six months.

Tactical Asset Allocator: sterling a worry, but US earnings strong

Stockmarkets around the world enjoyed their strongest start to a year for three decades. The S&P 500 index rose 7.8% and 3% in January and February respectively, the best first two months of any year since 1991. That run was broken in the first week of March, as stockmarkets fell on disappointing economic news, particularly US jobs data, downward growth forecasts from the OECD, and the announcement that the European Central Bank feels the need to launch fresh stimulus.