Plan for pensions to invest in start-ups ‘too risky’ for average saver

Proposed plans to allow pension funds to invest in so-called “patient capital” have been greeted with caution.

As part of Monday's Autumn Budget, more details in regard to the government’s Patient Capital Review were unveiled. The primary aim is to encourage more money to be invested in small UK firms, in order to support long-term growth and innovation.

Budget 2018: personal allowance to rise to £12,500 in April 2019

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced he was bringing forward tax cuts a year earlier than planned in today’s Budget.

The basic tax-free personal allowance will rise to £12,500 and the higher rate to £50,000 in April next year.

The change means that taxpayers will be able to earn £12,500 before they have to start paying any income tax at all.

No-deal Brexit will lead to an emergency Budget

Ahead of today’s autumn budget, chancellor Philip Hammond has admitted that a no-deal Brexit would require a new budget.

Speaking to Sky News, the chancellor noted that the treasury would have to take a “different approach” to the economy should Britain fail to secure leaving deal with the European Union.