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Buy, Hold, Sell: 'We have a very strong value perspective'

Every day it seems a mainstream fund announces a degree of environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration into its investment strategy,’ says David Osfield, manager of the EdenTree Amity International fund.

Amity, however, has had an ESG approach since its launch in 1999. Osfield adds: ‘This gives us a depth of experience, longevity and understanding. It is where the credibility comes from.’

Murray Income investment trust: seeking strong and stable dividend payments

As the name suggests, Murray Income trust focuses on dividend paying companies, aiming to provide shareholders with strong, reliable income growth; it prides itself on the fact that it has a 44-year track record of dividend growth. The current yield is around 5.1 per cent. The trust attempts to provide income primarily through investing in UK-listed shares, although it is able to hold up to 20 per cent of its portfolio outside of the UK.

Buy, Hold, Sell: British Empire on the hunt for value buys

We are a ‘global-focused, long-only equity trust, focusing on companies trading below their net asset value,’ says Joe Bauernfreund, manager of British Empire Trust. While the trust sits in the Association of Investment Companies global sector, it is underweight North American equities, which comprise 22 per cent of its holdings. Other global funds have 50 per cent in the US.