Conservative investment trust portfolio

Each year Money Observer introduces its investment trust tips for the year ahead. Our selections are grouped into ‘adventurous’ and ‘conservative’ selections. 

We monitor performance every three months, and suggest potential changes, to each of the portfolios. The conservative selections below are picked from eight of the most popular investment trust sectors, plus a specialist selection. 

These conservative choices are designed for investors who want some market exposure (which is predominantly equities-based), but prefer a relatively cautious stance.

They may have a value orientation, hold a mix of assets, or prefer the higher dividend yields associated with less adventurous choices.

At the start date of the portfolio on 1 August 2014 we invested a notional £1,000 in each choice at the mid price. Any subsequent switches are made using the valuation for the trust that is replaced.

Trading charges have not been factored into the performance of this portfolio.

You can view the most recent conservative investment trust portfolio update here.