‘Digital gold’ bullion product set to shake up gold market

The DGLD “digital gold” token, slated to start trading imminently, is backed by gold bullion held in Swiss vaults and runs on top of an infrastructure that leverages the bitcoin network to record transaction history.

Coinshares has partnered with MKS, a Swiss leader in bullion storage and fabrication and London-based, one of the oldest crypto wallet providers in the industry with arguably the largest active wallet infrastructure.

Bitcoin resurgence: why it’s likely here to stay

Bitcoin, currently priced at $8,508 (£6,725) according to data site cryptocompare, is trading at 12-month highs after staging a dramatic price recovery since the beginning of April.

It hasn’t been lost on investors looking to reposition their portfolios for more uncertain economic times that bitcoin is the best-performing asset this year by some considerable margin, having risen 122% since January.