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The long-term cost of failing to reinvest dividends

Investors who fail to reinvest their dividends could see their portfolio worth almost half as much over the long-term, according to data from Fidelity.

The analysis showed that investing £100 per month in the FTSE All Share index over the past 30 years and reinvesting all dividends would have produced a portfolio worth £130,140.

Isa tips: how to work out whether a fund is truly active

The next six weeks or so are typically the busiest time of the year for stockbrokers, as investors try to maximise their Isa contributions ahead of the tax year end. For those looking for ideas on funds to invest in, the first decision to make is to whether to choose an active or a passive fund.

11 investment terms broken down and explained

As part of “Talk Money Week”, an initiative that aims to get more people talking about their finances as a way of improving money management skills in the UK, we run through 11 key investment terms that investors need to get to grips with.

Active management