Dogs of the Footsie

Dogs of the Footsie 2020: 10 shares yielding 7%-plus

Once again, it’s time to reset our Dogs of the Footsie portfolio by choosing the 10 highest-yielding shares the FTSE 100 index has to offer. This year, seven names have been carried over from 2019 into the new line-up. Three new entrants each offer attractive yields of around 7%. Here are our Dogs of the Footsie for 2020.

Dogs of the Footsie: how are our canines doing as their dividends dry up?

With Brexit uncertainty still weighing on investor sentiment, it’s been a difficult environment for UK plc this year, although a weak pound has helped the FTSE 100 index’s overseas earners. Our Dogs of the Footsie portfolio has struggled against the wider index since inception, but a yield of more than 10% provides some compensation.

Dogs of the Footsie: mutts are still ahead

When we last looked at Money Observer’s 2018 Dogs of the Footsie back in May, it was at the end of a rocky period for stock markets. The past three months have been much more stable, despite the ongoing threat of a global trade war.