The FTSE 100 survivors: the 30 shares that have stayed the course since 1984

This month marks the 35th year of the FTSE 100’s existence. The index, created in January of 1984, has since become synonymous with cautious investing the UK, with FTSE 100 listed companies expected to provide steady dividends and steady returns over the time. The index itself is often referred to as ‘the blue chip index.’

DIY investor insights: the seven big drivers of share prices

Supply versus demand and the availability of money drive prices. Supply into an otherwise finite pool is set by the aggregate number of new shares issued less shares cancelled following buybacks or take-overs.

Demand is the variable to watch, and being a human sentiment coloured by fear and greed, it has many influences:

Mark Barnett: Where I’m finding income opportunities

June 29, 2018

The financials sector is a significant position across the portfolios under my management. This diverse sector comprises a range of sub-sectors, including banks, asset managers, alternative lenders, insurance companies and real estate investment trusts.