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Diary of a private investor during a week of carnage for global markets

Over the weekend of 7/8 March, talks broke down between OPEC, Saudi Arabia and Russia signalling the start of a potential price war. By early Monday morning, the oil price was down 25% and for the markets, which had already been teetering given the potential economic impact of the coronavirus, it was a step too far. Investors rushed for the hills.

Three stocks to watch as housebuilders strengthen foundations

This piece was written before the coronavirus severely impacted markets.

The housebuilders have at different times found themselves on a sticky wicket this century, but as a rule, they have weathered the storm.

As defined by the London Stock Exchange (we are limiting the scope of this article to the FTSE 100), the Household Goods and Home Construction sector is comprised as follows:

Dogs of the Footsie 2020: 10 shares yielding 7%-plus

Once again, it’s time to reset our Dogs of the Footsie portfolio by choosing the 10 highest-yielding shares the FTSE 100 index has to offer. This year, seven names have been carried over from 2019 into the new line-up. Three new entrants each offer attractive yields of around 7%. Here are our Dogs of the Footsie for 2020.

Three tech-savvy firms to watch

Occasionally stocks are not necessarily where you might expect to find them, and the software and computer services sector is one such example, comprising just four stocks.

Aveva (not to be confused with insurance company Aviva, which is not only also in the FTSE 100 but next on the alphabetical list) and Sage Group can be loosely grouped together.

Equally, the other two shares have similarities – listing platforms Rightmove and Auto Trader are the websites, indeed, marketplaces, of choice in their respective fields.

UK dividend payments forecast to post first decline in five years in 2020

For the third year running, UK dividend payments have hit new record heights in 2019, posting a year-on-year rise of 19.7% in headline terms, to £110.5 billion.

To put these figures into context, this is more than double the total value of dividends that were paid a decade ago (£54.6 billion) following the global financial crisis.

Is Tesco in your shares shopping basket?

The awkwardly titled personal care, drug and grocery stores sector is where the supermarkets live, as well as some of the famous products on sale within them.

As defined by the London Stock Exchange (we are limiting the scope of this article to the FTSE 100), the sector comprises the following companies: William Morrison Supermarkets operates a supermarket chain under the Morrisons brand. The company operates around 500 total stores, from over 10 manufacturing sites across Britain.

Will the FTSE 100 hit 8,000 in 2020?

The FTSE 100 currently sits at just over 7,600 points. While it has been a rocky year for the index, in price terms it has managed to gain just over 13%, year-to-date. How will the index do in 2020?

Best and worst FTSE 100 shares of 2019

Despite being a year defined by political uncertainty and, at times, chaos, the FTSE 100 index was able to return investors a healthy 18.8% in 2019 in total return terms (including dividends).

JD Sports was the best performer on the blue-chip index, providing investors with a total return of 138% to market close on 27 December 2019.