Growth investing

How to pick good quality shares at a cheap price

Probably the most influential book I have ever read about investing was One Up on Wall Street, first published in 1988. The author was Peter Lynch, who achieved fame and fortune managing the Fidelity Magellan fund in the 1980s. Lynch worked for one of America’s pre-eminent fund management companies. He was a pro through and through, but he was also an enthusiast, a stockpicker who loved nothing more than to figure out companies.

How our 10 stocks to buy and hold forever have fared

Our July 2017 cover story highlighted 10 shares to buy and hold forever – here’s how they have fared over the past year. 

Spotting a business that will stand the test of time is easier said than done, particularly in an age when technological change is disrupting various industries. 

Growth, value, momentum and income investing: which is best?

Over the decades a small number of professional investors have managed to stand out from the crowd and make names for themselves - as well as plenty of money.

Our feature on pages 32-33 of our February issue looks at the secrets behind each investor's success, and highlights UK-listed stocks that currently tick the boxes on their stock-picking checklists.