Alpha model portfolio - short-term growth, medium risk

Growth: Short term
Risk: Medium
Last updated: May 4, 2020

Who is it for

Investors looking to grow their capital over at least five to 10 years, who can afford to lose some of their capital under a worst-case scenario.
It may suit investors with children seeking to build up capital for their further education within an Isa.
Investors in their 50s building up extra capital within an ISA may also wish to consider this option.

Portfolio breakdown

Jupiter Strategic Bond

Strategic bond funds are 'go anywhere' funds able to root out the best opportunities across the fixed income spectrum. Jupiter Strategic Bond, being very risk-averse, is a good fit for this medium-risk portfolio

Fundsmith Equity

Provides exposure to large global companies with strong brands.

Capital Gearing IT

A defensive multi-asset fund with an absolute return mandate, aiming to deliver equity like returns over the long term and preserving capital over the short term through investing in a portfolio of bonds, equities and commodities.

Royal London Sustainable Diversified Trust

Invest in growing, innovative companies having a positive impact on society.

LF Lindsell Train UK Equity

Manager Nick Train stresses the fund's emphasis on maintaining or growing the real value of investors' capital and income over time

Baillie Gifford Multi-Asset Growth

Performed well since launch in December 2015 and against stated aims of achieving positive returns over three years and annual gains of 3.5% above UK base rate over five years.

Mid Wynd International

For added diversification we have put 10% of assets into this global equity trust that focuses on high-quality companies

Why these funds were selected

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Model Portfolio
Quarterly Review

With the aim of protecting investors from excessive volatility, this portfolio has three core holdings which each invests in a mixture of bonds and equities - Artemis Monthly Distribution, Baillie Gifford Multi-Asset Growth and Royal London Sustainable Diversified Trust. Bonds tend to fluctuate less in value than shares, while the UK equity exposure in these funds provides growth potential. The managers of the funds adjust their holdings in each type of security in response to market conditions.

The portfolio also holds the Capital Gearing Investment Trust to bring an element of capital preservation for this short-term portfolio in the event of a market correction. To spread risk further two internationally invested funds, Fundsmith Equity and LF Lindsell Train UK Equity, which replaced Lindsell Train Global Equity in June 2018, are included. The managers of these two funds are highly experienced and focus on well established, stable companies. Allpha is the most conservative of our growth portfolios. It returned 18% in 2019

Model Portfolio Alpha performance 4 May 2020

  Total return (%) over:          
  1 mth 6 mths 1 year 3 yrs 5 yrs Inception  
  % % % % % %
Alpha 5.9 -0.9 3.2 24.2 54.4 99.1
FTSE All Share 4.9 -17.0 -16.6 -7.5 4.7 51.6
FTSE UK Private Investor Growth 6.1 -4.5 -1.5 12.0 33.6 92.1




  • Buy
    January 2020

    A new entrant to Rated Funds and model for 2020. Has performed well since launch in December 2015.

  • Sell
    January 2020

    Underperformed its peer group over one and three-year periods.


  • Buy
    January 2019

    It is very risk-averse. All the recent return has come from its yield, but this is a good addition for a shorter-term growth portfolio

  • Sell
    January 2019

    This was the portfolio's worst performer over the past year. Replaced by Jupiter Strategic Bond


  • Buy
    June 2018

    Increases the portfolio's exposure to UK equity market.

  • Sell
    June 2018

    Swapped for LF Lindsell Train UK Equity as there is little exposure to UK equity market in this portfolio

  • Buy
    January 2018

    Sold HSBC fund because of the potential for short-term losses from equity volatility and replaced it with Capital Gearing IT to being an element of capital preservation