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11 investment trusts for a £10,000 annual income

With interest rates at rock bottom, it is not surprising that many investors have seen buy-to-let property as one of the best ways to generate income. However, a tax squeeze in 2017 has dented landlords’ profits and hit the sector.

How to generate a £10,000 income: 2019’s investment trust picks

Most people who want to generate income from their capital, particularly in retirement, like to know they can rely on that income. Many shy away from the stockmarket for this reason. However, that is because they tend to focus on share price volatility rather than looking at the much steadier trajectory of share dividends. One of the best ways to tap into a steady ­ ow of share dividends is through investment trusts.

Income portfolio revamped

Followers of our hypothetical £100,000 income portfolio have done very well since its inception but some major changes are now taking place.

Tony Yarrow of Wise Investment, who has taken over the portfolio’s management from Daniel Lockyer, decided to undertake a thorough spring clean on 28 January.