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Notes from a nervous investor: the snackette approach

I’m in my 30s and started investing – by which I mean I opened a stocks and shares Isa – a few months ago. What took you so long, experienced investors might wonder. It’s simple – I lacked knowledge about the investment options out there, and I had little understanding of the concept of risk. Also, I will admit to fulfilling a stubborn stereotype: I thought investing was only for people who already had shedloads of money.

How to invest in the stock market: a beginner’s guide

Investing in the stock market can appear daunting to a beginner, but equities beat cash and bonds over most medium and long-term periods.

To a beginner, the stock market can appear rather daunting. But equities outperform cash and bonds over most medium and long-term periods and easy routes in are not hard to find.

In reality, with dismal returns on offer from banks and building societies, investing in shares provides an opportunity to hedge against rising inflation and achieve greater returns than cash, bonds and property.