Money Observer's most popular articles of 2018

Which stories caught investors’ attention? Our top 20 list takes in investments, pensions and has some surprising entries.

20. Eight pension drawdown dos and don’ts

Our top 20 countdown begins with a article outlining the main Sipp drawdown risks for investors and offers strategies to stop you walking a financial tightrope in retirement. Read more retirement planning stories here.

An illustration of an investor holding a pile of coins and walking on a tightrope


19. Neil Woodford: out to prove doubters wrong

Next up is an exclusive interview that fund manager Neil Woodford gave to Money Observer's deputy editor Kyle Caldwell at the start of 2018. View our other Money Maker interviews here


18. Three model investment portfolios for a retirement nest egg

Three financial advisers construct hypothetical portfolios for investors with different requirements. 

An illustration of an egg representing a retirement nest egg


17. The best Sipp platforms for your portfolio 2018

We reveal investment platform options for new and existing Sipp investors who have charges uppermost in their minds.

An illustration representing Sipp platforms


16. 10 trusts for pre- and post-retirement portfolios

An analysis of 10 trusts over a decade of savings and a decade of drawdown shows how they have quadrupled investors' cash. Explore more articles on investment trusts here.

The figure 10 as an electric blue lightning bolt


15. Smithson investment trust: like father, like son?

Before the launch of Smithson investment trust, Fundsmith founder Terry Smith told Andrew Pitts about unearthed opportunities.

Illustration of a rocket and a graph


14. Budget 2018: Chancellor sneaks in hidden NI hike with personal allowance increases

We reveal how higher earners with incomes approaching £50,000 have been dealt a backhanded blow by Philip Hammond in the Budget small print.

A red briefcase representing chancellor Philip Hammond's Budget 2018


13. Isa tips 2018: where are Money Observer writers investing their own money?

Members of the editorial team shared their plans for their Isa allowances.


12. 20 super-reliable income funds and investment trusts

Exclusive research for Money Observer reveals the most consistent high-paying funds of the past five years. View more articles about funds here.

An illustration of a machine generating investment returns


11. Most popular tracker funds and ETFs of 2018

We outline the most popular low-cost passive investments of the year. Interested in ETFs? Read more content here.


10. What are the best savings account rates?

Our article, updated every Monday, reveals the top rates available to savers. If you want to read more articles on savings, click here.


9. Budget 2018: three pensions changes you may have missed

Pension allowances and tax relief were left well alone in November's Autumn Budget, but there was some pension news for consumers to digest. 

Will means-testing the state pension make the system fairer and more affordable?


8. Top 20 most consistent investment trusts over the past decade

Two sectors in particular dominate the list of most consistently reliable investment trusts.


7. Budget 2018: Lifetime Allowance to rise; Isa allowance to remain at £20,000

The Lifetime Allowance is set to rise in line with inflation from April, but the Isa allowance will remain at £20,000.

A piece of brown paper peeled back to reveal the words 'Budget 2018'


6. Controversial call for state pension to be means-tested

A controversial idea by the International Monetary Fund to means-test the state pension provoked a strong response from our readers. 

The word pension written in the sand before the sea


5. New tax year 2018-19: tax and personal allowance changes

We highlighted the major tax changes at the start of the 2018-19 tax year. 


4. How to invest in bonds: a beginner’s guide

Why do US interest rates and inflation forecasts affect bond yields? We explain the workings of a confusing asset class. You can read more articles about bonds here.

An investor working their way through the 'bonds' maze


3. Top 10 most popular investment funds

This series is monthly and the most-read article of 2018 was published in May, but you can access our latest most popular investment funds page here.


2. 10 high-yielding shares in the FTSE 100: how safe are their dividends?

Our regularly updated analysis of the highest-yielding shares in the FTSE 100 index. 


1. How to invest in the stock market: a beginner’s guide

Investing in the stock market can appear daunting to a beginner, but we take the mystery out of investing and explain how equities beat cash and bonds over most medium and long-term periods.

An illustation showing cartoon people learning how to invest in the stock market


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