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Top 10 most popular funds: July 2019

Despite repeated warnings over the past couple of years from various investment commentators that the strong performance US equities have enjoyed since the financial crisis is looking long in the tooth, the S&P 500 index has continued climbing.

Top 10 most popular funds: June 2019

June saw little change to the line-up of the most bought funds, according to data provided by interactive investor, Money Observer’s parent company.

As in the previous month, the table was dominated by active funds run by respected fund managers or the various passive strategies offered by Vanguard.

Top 10 most popular funds: May 2019

There’s little change in our top 10 most popular fund league tables, with investors continuing to either focus their sights on fund managers with solid reputations or instead go down the passive fund route.

Top 10 most popular funds – April 2019

Since the global financial crisis, passive funds have enjoyed a surge in popularity that shows no signs of cooling.

At the end of March, the amount held in tracker funds stood at £194 billion, which represents a 16.1% overall share of industry funds under management.

Top 10 most popular funds – March 2019

Although valuations for UK shares are at historically low levels as Brexit uncertainty continues to cast a dark shadow over our home market, investors are not attempting to buy the dip and are instead continuing to favour global funds.

Seven of the top 10 most popular funds in the month of March invest globally, with four being actively managed.

Top 10 most popular funds – December 2018

It was a year to forget for active fund managers, with the vast majority ending the year in the red.

UK equity funds were a case in point. Number-crunching by Money Observer using FE Analytics found that only six UK equity funds out of 406 managed to turn a profit in 2018. This covered all UK equity funds housed in the IA UK all companies, UK equity income and UK smaller companies fund sectors.