Purposeful Portfolio

Purposeful Portfolios Regular Income: portfolio hits income goal in rising markets

A rally in global stockmarkets has helped our regular income-focused investment trust portfolio recover from the market volatility at the end of 2018 – every holding has been in the black over the past four months.

Portfolio manager James Brumwell says of the period: “It has not quite been a case of picking any stock and making money, but it has not been far off .” The portfolio has largely tracked the market, he says, and has risen in value by 7.5% since our previous update in January.

Purposeful Portfolio: Autumn gales roll back gains, but capital is sheltered

Many investors might have forgotten what stock market volatility feels like until recently. Indeed, those who started their investment journey within the past 10 years will not previously have experienced sustained (historically pretty normal) volatility. However, October 2018 brought the first notable sell-off in global stock markets for years, hitting investors’ portfolios and dragging down returns. Even the professionals were not immune to the damage.

Purposeful Portfolio: Regular Income - Rich pickings for income seekers

Our Regular Income portfolio has collected £4,393 in dividends since its April launch, a yield of almost 4.4 per cent. With many UK equity income funds struggling to meet the Investment Association sector requirement to match the yield of the FTSE All-Share index – currently 3.6 per cent – James Brumwell is pleased with his portfolio’s progress