Purposeful Portfolio: Higher Income

This portfolio ran from April 2017 until 2019.

Purposeful Portfolio Higher Income: the fund winners and losers

Over the past four months, both the equity and bond markets have been on a tear. Thomas Becket, chief investment officer at Psigma and manager of the Higher Income portfolio, says: “It’s pretty obvious that the past six months have been a very easy time to be an investor.”

Over the four months between the end of February and the end of June, the portfolio returned 3.4%. Over the 12 months since its inception, it has yielded 3.5%. It is currently yielding 4.4%.

Purposeful Portfolios: Higher income - Fed change lifts equity markets

A healthy yield has helped keep our higher income portfolio in the black over the past four months, but some of our holdings have suffered capital losses. Tom Becket, who manages the portfolio, says: “We have seen a unique switch in the past few months, from abject pessimism to overflowing optimism. We endured one of the worst Decembers on record, followed by the best start to the year for global stockmarkets since 1991 and, in all honesty, not a huge amount has actually changed in the world to justify that switch.”

Purposeful Portfolio: a reshaping to weather market volatility

This article was written in November for the December 2018 print edition of Money Observer. Market data and share prices are likely to have since changed.

As the end of the year approaches, it’s out with the old and in with the new for our higher-income portfolio. New manager Tom Becket, chief investment officer at Psigma Investment Management, has overhauled the portfolio.