Purposeful Portfolios: Long-term growth

Purposeful Portfolios long-term growth: funds make solid gains despite UK pains

Between the end of May and the start of October, our long-term growth fund portfolio returned a respectable 5.5%. “That performance is reasonably pleasing,” says the portfolio’s manager, Mike Deverell at Equilibrium. “Most things in there made some money. Of course, some didn’t, and unsurprisingly those were UK assets. But everything else went up.”

Purposeful Portfolios Long-term growth: active investment path keeps growth on the ascent

The past four months have seen our long-term growth portfolio stage a healthy recovery. At the close of January this year the portfolio fell in value by 3.8%, largely because of a sharp dip in global markets between October and December. But markets have rebounded since, and the portfolio returned a respectable 4.2% between February and the end of May.

That return lagged those from the US and other major global indices. Data from FE Analytics shows that the US market produced a return on sterling of 5.6% in those four months.