Rated Funds

Rated Funds mid-year review: top performers

Stunning returns have been made by a large cohort of Money Observer’s Rated Funds since we revealed the 2019 members at the end of January.

Our specialist gold selection tops the performance charts (see below), but in a period when markets at large regained their mojo after the bitter disappointments of 2018, it is group of overtly equity growth-oriented US and global selections that have made the most money for investors – with gains of 20% or more recorded by 28 Rated Funds.

The best performing Rated Funds in the first quarter of 2019

By and large, the first three months of 2019 have been very positive for investors in our 2019 Rated Funds. These are split into 15 easy-to-understand asset groups and are comprised of 201 actively managed funds and investment trusts, plus a further 66 passive index-tracking funds.

How to create a £10,000 income: three Rated Fund portfolios

The ability of investment funds and trusts to provide investors with a regular and growing income is often underrated. Many investors still regard them as a way of accumulating capital, rather than as a means by which they can use capital to supplement their income. Yet for many of the 2019 Money Observer Rated Funds, income generation is one of the primary objectives; and historically they have proved they can deliver.