Rated Funds

Rated Funds to help investors navigate choppy waters

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures – and then some. In little more than a month, the fiscal and monetary measures to prop up economies and financial markets in the great coronavirus crisis (GCC) have already exceeded what was done during the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008/09.

Active/passive investing dilemma? It doesn’t have to be either/or choice

The ongoing debate over the respective merits of the passive and active approaches to investing is a noisy one. For most investors it is also, to a large extent, irrelevant and unnecessary. That’s because the search for good long-term investment outcomes doesn’t need to involve an either/or choice – both approaches have an important role to play.

However, it helps to understand how active and passive investing differ before we look at how they complement each other.

Model Portfolios annual review: can rocketing returns go higher in 2020?

The climax to 2019 couldn’t have been more different from 2018. In the closing weeks of last year, the UK stock market soared, having taken comfort in the Conservative party’s landslide victory and Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s pledge to “get Brexit done”.

Further afield, the prospect of a US-China trade agreement assuaged stock markets that had been derailed at times – most notably in May and August – by the threat of increased US trade tariffs on China.