Tactical Asset Allocator: sterling a worry, but US earnings strong

Stockmarkets around the world enjoyed their strongest start to a year for three decades. The S&P 500 index rose 7.8% and 3% in January and February respectively, the best first two months of any year since 1991. That run was broken in the first week of March, as stockmarkets fell on disappointing economic news, particularly US jobs data, downward growth forecasts from the OECD, and the announcement that the European Central Bank feels the need to launch fresh stimulus.

Currency conundrum: what’s the outlook for the pound?

The pound has been particularly weak against the dollar in recent years, as the US economy has steamed ahead while the UK has been dogged by uncertainty around Brexit. The euro, too, is holding up well against sterling, with some speculating the two could reach parity in coming months.