Why Tesco shares are a good buy

Investors on the lookout for bargains may wish to consider adding Tesco to their portfolios, according to Alastair McKinnon, manager of Scottish Investment Trust.

This morning (15 June) Tesco announced a 10th consecutive quarter of improved sales. Sales grew 1.8 per cent in the first quarter of 2018, compared to 1 per cent in same period last year, despite snow in Spring.

Why I sold my Sainsbury’s shares

Each of the big four supermarkets have struggled in recent years to meet the ongoing competitive threats from Waitrose’s quality offer, the home delivery of Ocado, the discounters, and now the potential threat of the ‘beast’ called Amazon.  There have been multiple responses to these threats, with each of them now having a strong local offering, while also delivering to your home.

Would you bank with your supermarket?

More than half of people are considering banking or taking out insurance with their supermarket over the next 12 months because of competitive pricing and loyalty rewards, according to research.