Terry Smith

Smithson raises launch target to £600 million

Interest in Smithson investment trust appears to be picking up, with the trust’s board announcing an increase in shares on offer to investors before launch, more than doubling its original fundraising amount.

The brain child of veteran investor Terry Smith, Smithson was originally aiming to raise £250 million. The amount of shares offered to investors in the subscription stage has now been increased, leading to a launch target of £600 million.

Fundsmith Equity’s Terry Smith on his investment approach

What is Fundsmith Equity? 

Fundsmith Equity is a long-only global equity fund [meaning it invests with a long-term view in global companies].  

What do you look for in companies you buy?

We only invest in good businesses. This may sound blindingly obvious, but you might be surprised how many investors either don’t do this or don’t have a good definition of a high-quality business.