Trump is living for today in the USA

When Parliament descends into a Brexit squabble with personal insults and worse, it is time to stand back and take a deep breath. It is all illustrative of how emotional the debate has become, and unfortunately, the end is not yet in sight. Or, perhaps Theresa May’s suggestions that a deal to take us out of the European Union is “95% settled” does mean that we are almost there.

The Trump administration’s ‘trade diplomacy’ is bound to lose

Global stocks have been in positive territory thus far in July with even emerging markets stocks eking out a tiny gain. With positive returns and relatively low volatility in July, it appears that the stock market is not worried about the burgeoning trade war. Admittedly, it’s easy to ignore since investors don’t have a frame of reference for the impact of a major trade war — and so far, earnings season has been very good. But other markets may be telling us that we should be worried.