Tiddlers with teeth: hook into the powerful lure of smaller companies in the May 2017 issue of Money Observer

May issue

Small companies are a part of the UK market that was hard hit by the vote to leave the EU last June, but have since enjoyed a strong recovery. In May’s Smaller Companies special section, we take an in-depth look at the Alternative Investment Market (Aim) – how it works, and the investment opportunities, risks and tax attractions for private investors.

The special section also focuses on the importance of diversification beyond the UK through global and regional smaller companies funds, and lifts the lid on the technology sector, focus of some of the most attractive small business opportunities.

With political question marks hanging thick in the air at present, anyone wondering which regions to allocate Isa or pension cash to should catch up with our panel of experts in the quarterly asset allocation review. Enthusiasm is clearly cooling for the US – but Europe and emerging markets are both very much on their radar.

Reassuringly, our quarterly Trust supplement features the annual investment trust awards, where the appearance of a number of familiar names should reassure investors that these trust managers really do deliver consistent strong outperformance.

We also ask whether there’s any foundation to the idea of seasonal variations in investment returns, including a catch-up with the Interactive Investor Winter Portfolios: the aggressive portfolio in particular has delivered storming returns since the start of November. And if you’ve got a final salary pension, don’t miss our assessment of the growing rationale for transferring out of these schemes while company transfer offers are at their most generous.

Finally, for DIY investors on the hunt for professional investment ideas to follow, May sees the launch of a new series of professionally managed £100,000 Purposeful Portfolios, kicking off with the Capital Conserver; and we review the encouraging progress of our 12 Model Portfolios.

The May 2017 issue of Money Observer is on sale in shops and available digitally for subscribers now, so don't miss it.

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