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The Rated Funds that have been placed under ‘performance watch’

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JPMorgan Global Growth & Income IT

Jeroen Huysinga is leaving the fund management industry to pursue a career in the charitable sector. Huysinga was the sole manager on this global equity income trust from September 2008 until August 2017, when he was joined by Timothy Woodhouse as co-manager.

Spot the difference between skill and luck in active funds

What must rank as one of the most hard-hitting, thought-provoking critiques of the investment management industry deserves to be widely read by investors and the firms that serve them. ‘Let’s Talk About Actual Investing’, by Stuart Dunbar, a partner at fund management group Baillie Gifford, explains why the investment industry has lost sight of its original goals; why most “active” investment managers are anything but that; and how short-term business priorities and performance measurements are damaging long-term wealth creation.