Andrew Pitts

Coronavirus: will markets fall further, and should I buy, hold or sell?

Throwing a grenade into a bloodbath conjours visions of a gory scene from a Sam Peckinpah or Quentin Tarantino movie. But this was the apt analogy used by one financial analyst to describe Black Monday on 9 March. Global markets, having already executed one of the swiftest retreats since the Great Depression on Covid-19 fears – reacted violently to the oil price war launched by Saudi Arabia over the preceding weekend.

Money Observer Rated Funds in the third quarter 2019: laggards and watchlist

It is perhaps not surprising to see several funds and trusts managed by Baillie Gifford included among the Rated Fund laggards over the three months to 30 September.

The Edinburgh-based investment partnership makes no bones about its liking for innovative companies – quoted and unquoted – that it believes can deliver sustainable growth in profits for years to come, and it is prepared to hold such companies through periods of market stress.

40 years of investing: is this the end of easy money?

The concept of easy money has resonated throughout Money Observer’s 40-year history. First came the virtual guarantee of immediate share price gains from mass privatisations in the 1980s; then came the windfalls from building society demutualisations as the decade turned; and then the spoils from dotcom fever in the late 1990s, when any company that came to market could raise capital, burn through it and make its stockmarket backers rich, albeit fleetingly.

Ethics has entered mainstream investment thinking

The asset manager for a changing world” seems a fitting description of BNP Paribas Asset Management, following its recent research paper on renewable energy versus oil. In ‘The death toll for petrol’, Mark Lewis, the investment bank’s global head of sustainability research, sets out a compelling case for long-term investment in renewable energy for transportation, when assessed in terms of the energy return on capital invested – shortened to EROCI.