Holly Black

Purposeful Portfolios Regular Income: portfolio hits income goal in rising markets

A rally in global stockmarkets has helped our regular income-focused investment trust portfolio recover from the market volatility at the end of 2018 – every holding has been in the black over the past four months.

Portfolio manager James Brumwell says of the period: “It has not quite been a case of picking any stock and making money, but it has not been far off .” The portfolio has largely tracked the market, he says, and has risen in value by 7.5% since our previous update in January.

Purposeful Portfolios: Higher income - Fed change lifts equity markets

A healthy yield has helped keep our higher income portfolio in the black over the past four months, but some of our holdings have suffered capital losses. Tom Becket, who manages the portfolio, says: “We have seen a unique switch in the past few months, from abject pessimism to overflowing optimism. We endured one of the worst Decembers on record, followed by the best start to the year for global stockmarkets since 1991 and, in all honesty, not a huge amount has actually changed in the world to justify that switch.”

Henderson’s Laura Foll: Brexit takes up most of my thinking time

Laura Foll has been at Janus Henderson since she joined its graduate programme in 2009 straight from university. Like many of her generation, she joined the workforce while the full ramifications of the financial crisis were still playing out and the country was deep in recession. “Thankfully, the company didn’t cancel its graduate recruitment scheme in the middle of the crisis. It was either this or go back home and live with my parents,” she says. 

Purposeful Portfolio: Autumn gales roll back gains, but capital is sheltered

Many investors might have forgotten what stock market volatility feels like until recently. Indeed, those who started their investment journey within the past 10 years will not previously have experienced sustained (historically pretty normal) volatility. However, October 2018 brought the first notable sell-off in global stock markets for years, hitting investors’ portfolios and dragging down returns. Even the professionals were not immune to the damage.

Richard Penny: Hunting for mispriced UK stocks that will beat Brexit blues

Richard Penny has done his homework. He enters the meeting room on the first floor of Crux Asset Management’s Pall Mall offices clutching the latest issue of Money Observer and keen to talk about a recent feature on whether the size of a fund matters. He thinks smaller funds do better – which bodes well, as in September he launched a new special situations vehicle at the boutique fund firm, which he joined this summer after 15 years at investment giant Legal & General.