Holly Black

Purposeful Portfolio: a reshaping to weather market volatility

This article was written in November for the December 2018 print edition of Money Observer. Market data and share prices are likely to have since changed.

As the end of the year approaches, it’s out with the old and in with the new for our higher-income portfolio. New manager Tom Becket, chief investment officer at Psigma Investment Management, has overhauled the portfolio.

Fund in focus: Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon looks to disruptive shares for big returns

Praveen Kumar likes investing in businesses run by young, dynamic, entrepreneurial risk-takers. He looks for fast-growing companies that are disrupting their industries.

Japan, you might think, is not an obvious hunting-ground for firms with these characteristics. The country has gained a reputation for poor corporate governance, decades of deflation, and notoriously cautious savers who are unwilling to put their money in the stock market. It is not known as a nation of risk-takers.

20 super-reliable income funds and investment trusts

Income-seekers have had a notoriously difficult time in recent years. Their travails over the past decade are well-documented: rock-bottom interest rates have forced investors to pick riskier assets than they usually might, in a bid to generate the same yield they could previously earn from a government gilt or even a high street savings account.

The pros and cons of outsourcing fund-picking to a multi-manager fund

There are around 2,500 investment funds to choose from, so it’s no wonder that many investors need a bit of help constructing their investment portfolios. Fund supermarkets have historically helped narrow down the expansive investment universe with their best-buy lists of funds, which come in various guises, depending on the provider. In recent years these platforms have gone further by constructing their own ready-made portfolios or, increasingly, funds of funds to save investors whittling down these best-buy lists themselves.

Buffettology fund: practising what Warren Buffett preaches is a winner

Naming a fund after a famous investor comes with its own unique set of risks. What if that individual finds themselves the subject of a scandal or their investment approach suddenly falls out of favour? The CFP SDL UK Buffettology fund was named after, you guessed it, Warren Buffett and is run according to his investment principles. Yet the ‘Sage of Omaha’ has nothing to do with the fund.

The bull and bear cases for buying bank shares

It has been a decade since US investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed and UK banks plunged into freefall as the financial system was pushed to breaking point. The intervening years have seen banks sell off assets, write off debts and offload entire parts of their business. Huge fines and compensation bills have been paid and there has been a steady stream of scandals and blunders.

Stamp duty cuts won't solve housing crisis

Just one in 12 homeowners aged 65 or over would consider moving if stamp duty was cut or abolished. 

Reducing stamp duty tax for so-called last-time buyers has been suggested as a way to encourage older homeowners to downsize, freeing up valuable housing stock for younger families. 

Interactive investor could scrap exit fees ahead of FCA ban

Interactive investor has indicated it may permanently scrap exit fees for customers moving their money elsewhere.

The fund supermarket, sister publication of Money Observer, temporarily removed exit fees in December 2017 as it prepared to merge with TD Direct. But the group is yet to reinstate the charges.