Kyle Caldwell

‘Next generation’ investment trust dividend heroes revealed

Investors searching for investment trusts that offer the prospect of consistent dividend growth – an even more attractive trait in the current uncertain environment for markets – can choose from a 25-strong list put together by the Association of Investment Companies (AIC).

The AIC's ‘Next Generation of Dividend Heroes’ list comprises trusts that have increased their dividends each year for 10 years or more, with an upper limit of 20 years. The trade body has also recently refreshed its list of investment trusts with records of dividend increases that span 20 years and more. 

Two solutions proposed to solve open-ended fund liquidity problems

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has proposed two measures to address the liquidity problems faced by open-ended funds that hold illiquid investments: the introduction of swing pricing, or notice periods.

The potential solutions surfaced in a speech given last week by Edwin Schooling Latter, director of markets and wholesale policy at the FCA, to members of the Investment Association.

Expect all open-ended property funds to suspend: raft of funds close their doors

Both the Janus Henderson UK Property fund (which holds £2 billion of assets) and Kames Property Income fund (£585 million) have barred investors from accessing their money by putting suspensions in place.

The suspensions stem from uncertainty over the valuation of UK commercial property, in light of the steep stock market falls in recent weeks following the intensification of the coronavirus outbreak.