Kyle Caldwell

General Election 2019: What will the Conservatives’ policies do for your personal finances?

General election campaigns resemble more of a marathon than a sprint, but having handed rival parties an early march last week, the Conservative Party has come last out of the traps.

The party launched its manifesto yesterday (24 November) and conspicuously absent was a key pledge to reduce tax for high earners, which was made by prime minister Boris Johnson only a couple of months ago.   

Proof that investment trusts turbocharge investor returns

The cat is finally out of the bag. Increasing numbers of investors are warming to the virtues the investment trust sector has to offer. Formerly regarded as the City’s best-kept secret, investment trusts have enjoyed an unprecedented level of investor demand in recent years, with the sector’s assets jumping by £100 billion over the past six and a half years to pass the £200 billion milestone for the first time at the end of July.

Further blow for Woodford Patient Capital as net asset value cut

Woodford Patient Capital shares slid by nearly 8% yesterday (4 November), following the latest writedown of one of its holdings.

Link Fund Solutions, which oversees the valuations of the holdings in Woodford Patient Capital, reduced the value of the trust’s investment in Industrial Heat, a nuclear energy firm, by £45 million. As a result of this, the net asset value (NAV) of Woodford Patient Capital was cut by 5p per share.

The key things to weigh up before buying a fund for an Isa or Sipp

In a new video series focused on investment funds, deputy editor Kyle Caldwell considers what investors should look for in a fund that they are pondering including in their Isa or Sipp.

He talks to multi-manager Rob Burdett of BMO Global Asset Management about desirable fund manager qualities, how much weight you should give to past performance, and succession planning after the departure of a star.

Watch their conversation here.