Kyle Caldwell

Top 10 most popular funds: May 2019

There’s little change in our top 10 most popular fund league tables, with investors continuing to either focus their sights on fund managers with solid reputations or instead go down the passive fund route.

Millennials have it tough financially, but what about their children?

It is well documented that when it comes to personal finances, the millennial generation (to which I belong) are worse off than their parents. However, some older readers of the babyboomer generation may vehemently disagree and point out they were simply shrewder savers. They also faced the challenges of interest rates hitting double-digit territory in 1988 and remaining at such levels until late 1992; moreover, over the past decade savings rates have been cut to the bone.

Allowing the young to dip into their pensions to buy a house is a crazy idea

When it comes to pensions, politicians love to meddle. For the most part, the two biggest reforms that have taken place over the past decade have been positive – auto-enrolment and the pension freedoms. The former has led to over 10 million individuals making provisions for retirement in workplace pensions, while the latter has given retirees far greater control over how they access and utilise their life savings.

Why small is beautiful for investors

There are various ways whereby self-directed investors can tilt the odds of stockmarket success in their favour. Three sensible rules as a starting point are to invest for the long term, drip-feed money into the market to benefit from pound-cost averaging, and keep a close eye on charges for both the funds held and the broker fee that is also levied.